96 Clutch and flywheel costs! - jaimeo

I have a 1996 P reg ford Ka 2 on which the clutch has gone. It will just about move right at the top of the clutch's travel and your speed is limited to about 3mph.

I am travelling in Australia at the moment and having to organise a repair in the UK via my mum which is difficult as neither of us really know anything about cars. I want it repaired while I am away so she can at least drive it a bit to keep it from sitting for the next 6 months.

A mate of mine has said he thinks it needs "new slave and master Ccylinders along with pressure plates" and if I dont do the fly wheel at the same time it would "fry 2 weeks later ". This is based on nothing but his vague mechanical knowledge- he has not dismantled the car at all.

Can anyone tell me if this is a likely scenario? If it is a possibility does the figure of 375 pounds just for the parts sound right? Can these parts be sourced second hand?

He made me an offer of 500 quid for the car while telling me the good news about its need for these expensive repairs so I am hoping he has doctored the prices a little to make it seem like a good idea to sell it to him.

I dont really want to sell what has been an extremely reliable car, bought for 2k in 2006 just because he is telling me it needs expensive repairs but I have no way of second guessing what he is saying because I am not there!


Thanks, Jaime

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96 Clutch and flywheel costs! - Screwloose

His knowledge does seem a little vague - he's about £300 over on his pricing too!

No flywheel needed; just a clutch and slave cylinder/release bearing assy. [There may be a need for a modified pipe if it's not a genuine kit.]

It's a 3 hour job taken steadily - many can get it done in under half that time.
96 Clutch and flywheel costs! - jaimeo
Thank-you for your reply, that makes me feel a lot better. I have a more honest mate who'd do work for me for about 20 quid an hour so my other "mate's" price will certainly be undercut.

One last question before I leave you...would you recommend against buying new parts from ebay? Or for that matter second hand parts?


96 Clutch and flywheel costs! - jc2
Get them from a dealer or other KNOWN supplier-then you have comeback and they must be new parts.
96 Clutch and flywheel costs! - jaimeo
Thanks I will make sure they are a well known supplier!

Thanks again to both responders- you have really helped me out.

96 Clutch and flywheel costs! - Fullchat
Worth considering a fresh rear crankshaft oil seal whilst the box is out??
96 Clutch and flywheel costs! - mfarrow
Worth considering a fresh rear crankshaft oil seal whilst the box is out??

Cars don't suffer from things like that these days and if it did leak then I'd be more worried about other things like bearings being kaput.

My factors recommend LUK and I have to say mine's been fine.
96 Clutch and flywheel costs! - ggh1
Get a quote from your local 'Mr Clutch', if you think you can get the car over to them. I have never had a problem with this Company except they always recommend machine refacing the flywheel, which in all my cases has never been necessary.
96 Clutch and flywheel costs! - DP
As long as they don't then go on to use this as grounds to back out of a subsequent warranty claim.

Which they did to someone I know.

8< policy breach snipped - PU

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96 Clutch and flywheel costs! - jaimeo
Thanks for all the replies. Its things like not knowing what a flywheel really is, let alone if it needs replacing that always make my car repairs start cheap and end up expensive. I guess I will have to hope that my friend's friend is free to look at it for me. Even if he does look at it, he might misguidedly think something needs doing that would be fine if left.

Maybe I should take an evening class...

Thanks again for the responses, they all help!

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