2001 1.4 - Cost for clutch - peteH
I have a Y reg Honda Civic 1.4

The clutch has just failed. Before I go and get quotes what would be a resonable amount to pay for a clutch change? How many hours labour is involved?

The car could also do with a cambelt at the same time? again what quote should I be aiming for?

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2001 1.4 - Cost for clutch - Aprilia
You are looking at 3.5-4.5 hours for the labour and a bit more than £100 for a decent clutch kit (not OE, but something like LUK). So I would say something in the region £280-400 depending on how much you are paying for labour in your part of the world. Of course, if you go to a franchised dealer and have the OE part fitted then you could be looing at up to £700.

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