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I was just wondering how important it is to change the fuel filter during the 60k service on my 03 passat pdi?

If it needs to be changed then is there a big difference between a VW part or one I can pick up for half the price from a motor factor?

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03 Fuel Filter (PDi engine) - 659FBE
It's vital. Buy an OE, Bosch or Mann & Hummel filter only, from the cheapest supplier. The filter clamp bolt may have a triple-square head. To overcome this VAG idiocy, take it right out with a hex key (which doesn't fit very well) put the bolt in the vice and cut a saw groove in the head. You can then use a good old-fashioned screwdriver to release it next time.

Be careful with the plastic Tee under the "mickeymouse" clip if your engine has it. They are fragile. Renew the blue and black 'O' rings supplied with the filter, in the right order.

Prime the new filter by connecting everything except the outlet and applying a vacuum to it - I use a 1 litre Wanner oil gun in reverse which works a treat. Cranking the engine with a dry of even partially filled filter (they are difficult to fill completely when new) is not recommended.

Observe clinical cleanliness at the filter outlet (covered with a bung on a new filter).


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