Mitsubishi mystification - Tim Allcott
My Mother-in-Laws 'N' plate space wagon stopped going mid-week. Garage which now has vehicle (100 miles away from me, so I've not been able to look) says engine turns over, but NO compression showing on any of the cylinders.
I'm puzzled.
Any ideas guys?

Mitsubishi mystification - Dave N
Tim, as HJ says, sounds like busted cam belt. If the garage haven't worked this out yet, I should shift it some place else to get it fixed, some place that knows what they're doing!!
Mitsubishi mystification - Tim Allcott
Thanks, gentlemen, I appreciate the information. Two things, though : 1) it has a full main agent service history, so I presume it should have been changed according to schedule, and 2) Is this likely to have resulted in valves meeting pistons? What sort of collateral damage is there going to be?


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