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2002 2.0 TS2 - possible battery problem? - Mr_T_____

My mazda6 keeps getting what appears to be a flat battery. Its happened three times now and its always after my wife has done a very short journey (<3miles) and had the headlights on and air con to demist the windows. Its done this even though the previous journey was fairly long so i would have thought the battery would be fairly well charged. When i put the battery on charge, the charger shows the battery to be fully charged after just 10mins.

Basically is my battery just knackered? Its 5 years old.

I hope somebody can give me some advice

T, Mr

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possible battery problem? - Mazda6 2.0 TS2 2002 - Peter D
Pop to you local car accessory shop they will have a tester then measures the capacity of the battery and can check your charging voltage as well. Regards Peter
possible battery problem? - Mazda6 2.0 TS2 2002 - Peter.N.
Five years is a reasonable age for a battery. They are constructed with a lot of thin plates which enables them to produce enough current to start the engine even when they are on their last legs - providing it starts easily. The power for the electrics is provided by the alternator once the engine is running, so the type of journey shouldn't affect the cars ability to start. It could be that you have an alternator problem, or just that the belt is slipping. Connect a voltmeter across the battery with the engine running - it should read 14 volts, much less and you have a charging problem.

possible battery problem? - Mazda6 2.0 TS2 2002 - wmo
I have a Mazda 6 and the battery was replaced when the car was 4 years old.
possible battery problem? - Mazda6 2.0 TS2 2002 - Morpheus
Peter, (and anyone else)

I am having a similar problem to the original poster in that my car seems to have trouble starting if I leave it more than a day inbetween running it.

I picked up on what you said about "the belt slipping" because last week I heard a bit of a whine / squeal sound from under my bonet and when I opened it up I smelled burning runner...

Do you think that the alternator belt is slipping on my car leading to the battery not being recharged???

possible battery problem? - Mazda6 2.0 TS2 2002 - Altea Ego
It could be the belt slipping tho they dont usually smell. They make a noise. Burning electriclal cables does however smell.......
< Ulla>
possible battery problem? - Mazda6 2.0 TS2 2002 - Screwloose

What car, engine and year?
possible battery problem? - Mazda6 2.0 TS2 2002 - J1mbo
Does sound like a battery not holding its charge, the batteries on all my cars never seem to last more than about 3 years and do exactly as you describe.

Replace the battery now anyway, see if the problem goes away? Battery change is quick and easy, cold weather often shows this type of problem up, I normally change my battery at 3 years now.
possible battery problem? - Mazda6 2.0 TS2 2002 - Mr_T_____
i changed the battery so only time will tell if that fixes the problem. The car does seem more eager to start though.

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