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in ref to the prev post that I put on here, that problem has been sorted out with out the need for a cmashaft rebuild - anyway I m due for a oil change tommorow moring, and I wanted to bring my own oil on Ive bought Castrol Magnatec 15W-40 however ive just realised that the Vauxhall Website and the Handbook state 10W-40 but i swear when I was in a well know retail branded chain of car parts, the guide book stated that 15W-40 was the one for my car,
Have I wasted my money, and shall i hope that the garage that I have booked it into (local firm) have the correct oil? or will it be able to take this oil no problems?


Many thanks

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Wrong Oil - piston power
yes 10-40 semi synthetic is recomended, there is thinner oil but thats what vx use also get a genuine filter much better in my opinion.
Wrong Oil - redviper
Hi Thanks for your reply, so what would happen if i put this oil in? should i not under any cicumstances or would it be ok until the car is serviced again in 6 months time?
Wrong Oil - Number_Cruncher
As copied from the owner's manual.

Only the following viscosity classes are
SAE 10 W-30 (or higher than 30) or
SAE 5 W-30 (or higher than 30) or
SAE 0 W-30 (or higher than 30)

I'm currently using 10 W-40 in our Astra, but I would also consider forking out for 5 W-30.

Wrong Oil - redviper
Hi - Thanks, thats what I read to.

looks like I will have to hope that the Garage has the correct oil in, i swear though that the guide book in "Hals" place said 15W-40
Wrong Oil - ChicksFan
I'd just take it back from where I'd bought it and ask them to change it for the lower viscosity oil. Probably cost you a couple of quid more but worth it in the long run. I wouldn't use too high a viscosity, particularly in winter. Use the correct grade and you'll lubricate your engine properly from cold.

Wrong Oil - redviper
Thanks I would do but my car is booked in at 8:30 this morning, its my own fault really i should have checked the user guide before getting the oil, and sorted this out ready a couple of days ago, instead of checking at the last minute
Wrong Oil - redviper
" 8:30 this morning," should be "Tommorow Morning" (Typo)
Wrong Oil - ChicksFan
I can't see Halfords denying you a refund if you bought it from there, have the receipt, and return it with the seals intact. Especially if you take your handbook and show them the grade specified in it.
Wrong Oil - redviper
Ill see what they say, also on some magnatec products it says "Keeps your Ford car at its peak for longer." surely it cant be specific to Ford engines?

if its the same velocity it should not matter wich manufacture the car is ?

Wrong Oil - Number_Cruncher
>>surely it cant be specific to Ford engines?

No, it's just that this is a popular viscosity for Ford engines - they need it, or else they don't work properly.

You should also check the oil quality is up to scratch, the ACEA rating.

Wrong Oil - ChicksFan
Ford Zetecs use some pretty specific oils. Viscosity is important.
Wrong Oil - Dynamic Dave
As said 10w/40 semi synth, or if you want to pay a bit more, then 5w/30 fully synth.

Have previously heard of people having problems by putting magnatec in these engines.
Wrong Oil - Ruperts Trooper
Never mind "semi-synthetic" or "fully synthetic", thats just marketing hype.

A '52 Vauxhall Astra needs ACEA-A3 or ACEA-A5 oil quality.
Wrong Oil - redviper
Hi all thanks its all sorted now the correct oil is in and it runs super smooth!, ill take the other one back to Halfords next week
Wrong Oil - ChicksFan
Good man! Glad you got it sorted.
Wrong Oil - redviper
Cheers, Cheicksfan, and many thanks to everyone else, who responded to my post


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