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I want to get a Mini Cooper diesel for my girlfriend . I understand that a car's retained value ( residuals ) forms a strong part of their leasing price . The lower the depreciation, the cheaper it is to lease ??

so, leasing a car like a Mini should be quite cheap compared to their buying price .

anybody got any tips - where can I get quotes on leasing / PCP a Mini ?
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If you don't have a part exchange or are happy to sell private, try She does brilliant deals on a personal contract hire- you never own the car but run it for 2/3 years and then hand back. Last time I looked she had new Mini's for less than £200 per month (and this includes your road tax each year).
(BTW I've nothing to do with the company, but was impressed with the service when I made enquires for myself)
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Ling has a

I particularly enjoyed: "I do not have computer chip in head to remember every small thing..."

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We've just ordered a Clubman D Auto on a Contract hire over 3 years, 15,000miles pa. By the time a few 'essential' extras were added (inc. pepper pack and leather trim), together with TLC full maintenance including tyres, the cost came to £370 + VAT/month.

We know the guy we ordered it through, and he seems less confident about the future residuals of the Clubman than the hatch (and hence an increase in the rates?), but that's what the employee wanted!
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Did the employee get a good test drive first?
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It's a Mini. What do you think??

Answer: No.
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but that's what the employee wanted!

I hope they don't leave soon!
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Ahhh. One of the many joys of being an employer!!
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Hey, just seen this thread!

I am Ling!

Thanks for comments about my website! I have just won the NatWest BT Business EveryWoman Communications and IT award 2009, so obviously they thought my website *interesting* too :)

I must say that Clubman is a *bit* dear. I can do a Mercedes C-Class Estate 2.2 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 16v (201bhp) C250 Elegance Estate 5dr 2143cc Diesel for exactly the same price on 15k miles 3+35 same terms. Or an Audi A6 Avant 2.0 TDIe (134bhp) SE Estate 5dr 1968cc AUTO Diesel for just £6 a month more. However much you like Minis, the other cars are in a different class.

The maintenance is a red herring, you can get away with about £15 a month cost at an independent garage.

Still, everyone to their own. I appreciate the Mini is more economical, but my goodness , if you want economy, you would not pay £370+vat a month for a Mini!

Seems like it is a case of, because the employee is spending the firm's money, they have gone large. I share the sentiment: I hope they don't leave.

How Mini manage this style over substance, I will never know.


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Nihau Ling - surprised to see a thread I started 2 years ago re-surface . I actually ended up buying a ' classic ' Mini Cooper for her in Dec 07.... she she never liked it, despite it being BRG and mint .

The good news the car was bought oop North and when selling it back in London , yielded £500 profit which paid for the journey and maintenance here..