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LDV helps AA sort mis-fuelling

van maker LDV says it has just delivered 13 specially liveried 3.2 tonne Maxus vans to the AA to help the roadside assistance firm fix its customers mis-fuelling problems. Each van has Sortimo racking and a Whale-supplied 330 litre tank so that a car, typically a diesel filled with petrol, can have its tank safely drained. The AA says its research shows that 150, 000 motorists a year get it wrong and need fuel systems drained.
sign of the times eh..........
misfuelling - nick
So potentially 150,000 nightmare second-hand buys?
misfuelling - gordonbennet
So if these 150000 misfuellers can be identified, they can be bar coded to make sure we never buy a used vehicle from them.

Brilliant a major problem solved.
misfuelling - Altea Ego

thats 411 a day.

we wouldnt be able to move for dead diesels littering the streets
< Ulla>
misfuelling - oilrag
The camera zooms in , (as though on google earth) we see right inside the fuel pumps microscopically.... Not dead! just suffering silently, 900,000 of them, crawling along and hoping to die....... ;)
misfuelling - isisalar
there seems to be a lot of publicity about this misfueling problem lately and as far as I can see most of it seems to eminate from the AA.It was certainly responsible for me avoiding buying a common rail diesel. Prior to common rail it was recommended in manufacturers handbooks that you mixed 2* up to 30% in winter. Apart from the fact that the AA now have a fleet of vehicles poised to relieve the the motoring public of £37,500,000@£250 per time next year What's changed? Are common rails that fragile?
misfuelling - bell boy
speak to an AA man and ask him how many calls on average per week are miss fueled ones
there are 86 counties in great britain if each only had 5 towns and each town only had one miss fuel per day then this would get your 150,000
i think 150,000 per year is very very conservative
misfuelling - oilrag
In the interests of re-cycling, perhaps the AA could develop a hybrid engine that could be used on their new fuel extractor trucks to power them from the mix removed.

Failing that, Mammod style steam recovery trucks with `recovered mix`spraying onto community recovered used nappies below a flash boiler.

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misfuelling - bell boy
it should burn very nicely in my salamander oilrag ;-)
misfuelling - gordonbennet
BB and Oilrag can i have a pint of what your on?

misfuelling - oilrag
gordonbennet, If only ;) its fatigue toxins.....

I like your bar-coding idea. I was thinking of microchips implanted in the owners ear (voluntary of course;) that only allowed the correct pump to operate.

Entering a car showroom would reset it to `no pumps` until the owner was coded to the car.

Regards ;)

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misfuelling - DP
So potentially 150 000 nightmare second-hand buys?

Only if it's been started.

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misfuelling - slowdown avenue
Fantastic. Its an awful expereince be at a petrol station with no one who can tell you where to go for help in draining your car. It needs to be done quiockly before the seals become affected by the petrol. and if its late at night, you might feel like having a personal break down. I see the sense in having breakdown recovery more clearly these days.
misfuelling - MichaelR
Misfuelling is a bit like a tax on stupidity...
misfuelling - Avant
To err is human, Michael.
misfuelling - milkyjoe
if you get a reciept from the AA after a "drain down" cant you then claim the vat and the excise duty back seeing as you didnt use the fuel?
misfuelling - MichaelR
To err is human Michael.

On this scale its a bit more of an err. The dangers are widely known - people don't simply make the odd mistake they just don't pay attention and don't think.
misfuelling - FP

This subject just refuses to die, doesn't it? Again the hysteria and the schadenfreude (okay, some of the above posts may be tongue-in-cheek).

Perhaps some of you may like to do a forum search and discover the evidence here - or lack of it - that misfuelling a CR diesel causes any long-term problems. We've even had a survey on whether Back-Roomers would buy a second-hand CR diesel. Most said they would; even those who said they would not included some who wouldn't buy a diesel for other reasons.

I have challenged Back-Roomers to produce the evidence and I know there are plenty of you who are closely involved in working on CR diesels. The silence is deafening.

That said, I'm open to changing my mind if the evidence is really out there, but I'm coming to the conclusion that this is another Urban Myth.

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misfuelling - AR-CoolC
I feel sorry for the AA man, just imagine the horror of spending all day driving an LDV Maxus around.

Following on from Chris's post. How many BR's have either mis-fuelled, or know someone who has mis-fuelled??

I can say hand on heart, that I don't know a single person who has mis-fuelled their car. I know a couple who have picked up the wrong pump at the station, but none who have actually put fuel into their tank.

I also spent quite a bit of time working in car dealers in my time on the tools, and in all those visits I only ever saw one car in being drained and sorted after a mis-fuel.
misfuelling - normd2
I've done it - 50 odd litres of unleaded into my old Pug 505 turbo diesel. Drove 10 miles home before it started to chug and stutter. It finally conked out just as I turned into my driveway. Drained it, re-filled and gave the fuel to a neighbour for banger racing. Never had any problems but then that was with an old style diesel and not a new-fangled common rail thing - that's progress for you....
misfuelling - henry k
A very local friend of mine has had £5K spent on his misfuelling event.
misfuelling - DP
It's good business. When SWMBO misfulled the Scenic (only 6 litres and car was not started), she was quoted £200 + VAT standard charge by the RAC to have one of their "people" drain and flush the system. We declined and had the car recovered to the out-laws house where a highly regarded local indie recovered it next day and did the honours for £125. He said the breakdown people are doing well out of it, but he's doing even better by significantly undercutting them, and even at £125 he's making good money. He reckoned to suck the Scenic's tank dry (via the fuel sender hole in the top), flush the lines through to the pump with clean diesel, fit a new filter and bleed and prime the system took him "a couple of hours tops".

I guess if you're stuck miles from home you'll pay whatever people ask. Nice to see the small guys doing alright for a change though. I guess if Ford's fuel filler design on the new Mondeo is widely adopted, this will eventually spell the end, but it seems to be good money while it lasts.

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misfuelling - Soupytwist
My mother in law has done it twice - once in a Renault 19 turbo diesel and the other in an original shape Seat Toledo diesel. Neither car is/was common rail and neither was driven once it happened. I've no idea whether the Renault was badly affected - the SEAT carried on happily for a number of years before rust killed it I think.
Soupytwist !

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misfuelling - bell boy
ive misfuelled so any idiot can do it
misfuelling - Steptoe
So have I, luckily as I only put £10 (Yorkshire upbringing) of diesel in the hi-tec carb'd 740 I got away with it

Not Australian pounds, don't know where that came from...

One mans junk is another mans treasure
misfuelling - Steptoe
To avoid confusion the Aussie £ sign only appeared in preview????

One mans junk is another mans treasure
misfuelling - Screwloose

Mine does that too since I got a wireless keyboard; I've been through all the keyboard settings, but nothing shows up.

Any IT gurus got the answer?
misfuelling - henry k
>>Any IT gurus got the answer?
Relax - it has been doing it for weeks and I have reported it
( I have a ancient PC and matching keyboard )
misfuelling - normd2
even the professionals do it...

misfuelling - bell boy
good one normd2....
just proves even the most aware of the problem people are as gullible to it as the people who say they never ever ever would do such a daft thing...........
i resteth my case.......as it was open and shut ,now its rested and shut ;-)
misfuelling - nick1975
I know three people that have misfuelled, all of them after changing from a petrol to a diesel car. I think its pretty common, but quite how damaging it is, i think, is still open.

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misfuelling - tullman
SNIP - if you wish to advertise, then visit


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misfuelling - RichardW
Just seen one of these in action - vs an 07 Mondeo hatch, at the filling station at the end of our road. Pity the poor guy - it's about -5°C here at the mo, and I had to look at the bonnet catches on mine when I came home - hands were ice blocks after 5 minutes!

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....