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Overfueling 1993 1800cc petrol - HappyFlyer
Hi All,

Can anyone point me in the right direction on this one?

I had a breakdown due to overfueling on my1781cc mono point injection mkIII. (fuel pouring down the inlet) I changed the throttle body and SPI unit (a spare off a scrapped one I have thank goodness), which ran ok until it got hot when the same happened which lead me to realise the cause of the overfueling was actually a temp sender that was sending the wrong info to unit and hence causing the overfuel. Once this was changed everything has run okish since, with no breakdowns.

However I am convinced it is now running far far too rich as mpg is not great and its a little 'lumpy' when hot and doesn't idle particularly smoothly, and sometimes pops a little on the overrun. When cold its as smooth as anything. I realise that there is no adjustment possible on a system like this but I wondered if there is anything I can check or replace cheaply that might make a difference before I possibly go for a properly reconditioned SPI unit (circa £45). Its well serviced and the fact that it runs so well from cold suggests to me its an injection or sensor problem.

Any hints and tips on diagnosis and repair/replacement would be most welcome


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Overfueling 1993 Golf 1800cc petrol - Screwloose

"Fuel pouring down the inlet?" That wasn't a temp sensor fault.

This spare TB; was it exactly the same part number? There are dozens of variations on these and the chances of getting a match was quite slim.

What's the engine code and the code off the spare engine?

Have you checked the ECU plug for corrosion?

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