Leaking from just above the passenger sun visor - Christopher
Afternoon all.
Need a bit of help, the Clio is leaking, it seems to be coming from an area just above the sun visor on the left on the passenger side. Anyone know of common areas for blockage here and how to clean out the debris if any?
Many thanks in advance.


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Clio is leaking - Screwloose

Has it got a roof aerial?
Clio is leaking - cheddar
Has it got a sunroof?

If so the drainage tubes may be blocked by a leaf or even have become unattached.

Clio is leaking - Christopher
Cheddar, indeed it has. It's the manual type. How do I gain access to these tubes?
Many thanks for your quick reply, wish I could say the same on part.
Clio is leaking - L'escargot
For the leak to be attributable to a problem with the sunroof, water would have to leak between the sunroof and the roof panel. Slide the sunroof back and see whether you can see any water in the channel around the perimeter of, and below, the glass.
Clio is leaking - bell boy
Christopher you have dismissafed screwloose, but the aerial on clio's is for some reason a water inlet treasure trove of problems,i for one would be pulling the light fitting down unscrewing the silly little bolt and removing the aerial to give it a good gunging of nice sticky sealant,i reckon its either due to car wash action these leak or the grubber romits shrink

i thank you..over and out
Clio is leaking - thomp1983
bell boy sure you'll agree but i find roof mounted aeriels to be a source of leaks on nearly all french cars they just don't seem to seal them in the factory

Clio is leaking - cheddar
Our Clio has leaked neither from the aerial or the sunroof however I have heard of the latter hapening due to the drainage tubes being blocked.

Pour a jug of water along the front edge of the s/r and see if it drains away, if it does see if it appears around the sunvisor, if so it is likely that a tube had become detached. If it does not drain away then it is likely that one or both tubes (there should be one each side) are blocked.

Of course worth checking the aerial.
Clio is leaking - Altea Ego
If its the pop up glass hatch sunroof, it has no drain tubes but they never leak. If its the wind back sunroff, they do leak. The rubber seal needs to come out and refitted the "other" way round.

Likely source is the aerial, pop out the interior light to check it.
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Clio is leaking - Christopher
Guess what I will be doing this weekend?
Many thanks for all your views, many avenues to look into.
Will update.

Leaking from just above the passenger sun visor - Rocky 999

Hi All,

I have a Clio 2005 with a manual sunroof and the water was coming in through the sunroof down the "A" Posts and "B" Posts, tried fixing it myself but still leaked. I found a company called Roc Solutions based in Poynton Cheshire who are also mobile and they fixed the sunroof for me for £80, the guy is called Steve on 07906164154, good luck........


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