Number plate farce - the original horse
vosa have now changed there mind over the testing of number plates, this popped up today to mot testers =
For technical reasons with immediate effect no registration plates must be
failed for wrong colour - missing supplier details postcode - BSAU
number - background overprinting - honeycomb or smilar effect background
non reflective borders - unacceptable symbols or flags until further
so if your car failed on friday it would have passed on monday !
this vosa really is a sham !

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number plate farce - Screwloose

So SN/07/2007 is dead? What on earth happened? Did VOSA elaborate?

I know it said that all number plates must be fitted vertically; but we sort of knew what they meant....
number plate farce - the original horse
more details are to follow apparently, so the mot testers will be taking down on monday the posters theyve just put up, telling / showing customers how there plate should comply .
was talking to my tester other week, and on a different note,he was telling me how many "illegal" plates he comes across freshly placed in boot before test and the "legal" plates on the car have "fresh" screws in them .
number plate farce - George Porge
No, you mean people fit legal plates for the MOT and then swap the non complying plates back after the certificate is issued ;o/

I'm going for a lie down, this has come as a huge shock to me..............

number plate farce - Simon
I thought that VOSA had instigated this change to the regulations and it started on 1st October 2007. It certainly did for some MOT stations...
number plate farce - pmh
A question for PU, I suspect????

1. Is fitting non compliant number plates in an attempt to avoid identification (and thus possible prosecution) grounds for a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice?

2 if yes, then anybody who helps (eg a garage) becomes guilty of conspiracy.

A few high visibilty cases (with sentences of upto life imprisonment) should then sort things out! .

OK I can see the possible defence (with some combinations) that it was not to avoid identification, only to make me more identifiable.......

pmh (was peter)

number plate farce - Pugugly {P}
1. Possibly
2. Could be.

Wait for the first Police Force to try it and see. Hope Brunstrom isn't reading this !
number plate farce - tr7v8
Just had new plates made for the 7 as I've 90% sold it & it's going to the IOM, so I've transferred it's reg to the Porsche. Went into Halfords on Sat armed with lots of bits of paper. The young lad makes the plates up as XYZ1 23A Instead of XYZ 123A I pointed out he was wrong but he was adamant he was right "And we have to do it this way as its the legal way" OK I have a receipt & Halfords name at the bottom I don't care. They were £23odd so real rip off when I could have got them for £10 off the web.
Also Halfords & postcode is in Yellow as is BS AU...., needs good eyes to find & read it, even off the car.

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87 Porsche 944 Lux 2.5
80 TR7V8
number plate farce - Simon
Your plates will most likely fail when it comes to MOT time as the numbers/letters format is wrong on the new plates. Personally I wouldn't wait for this to happen and I would be back down to Halfords having a word with a more senior (and hopefully clued-up) member of staff.
number plate farce - tr7v8
Not fussed, it has 6 months ticket on it & when it goes to IOM it gets transferred to local plates, with a new IOM type MOT so then they'll go in the bin.
The Porsche plates are coming from & although UK standard lettering the rest won't be, looks OK & I'm happy, I've got kosher ones if someone gets picky!

54 Jaguar S-Type 2.7 SE Diesel
87 Porsche 944 Lux 2.5
80 TR7V8
number plate farce - Simon
>>Not fussed, it has 6 months ticket on it...

I'd take them back on a point of principle, but thats just me!
number plate farce - stuartl
>>>>>>>I'd take them back on a point of principle, but thats just me!

It's not just you Simon, I'd do it too!
They are wrong, simple as that.
Number plate farce - mfarrow
If they're saying it's for technical reasons then I imagine it's to do with the implementation of the new failure selections in the MoT computer. Perhaps the failure isn't being logged correctly, passing cars anyway, etc.

Either way it's bound to be a computer glitch.

Mike Farrow
Number plate farce - adverse camber
Is it the computer ? It implies that failures have been given already.

Or is it an issue with legal technicalities? Has the appropriate legislation been all the way through and properly ratified?
Number plate farce - Dwight Van Driver
Re pmh's question PU.

If the evidence was there to support what he states then a prima facia case of fraudulent use of a registration plate.

Could lead to 2 years imp on indictment.

Number plate farce - Pugugly {P}
Agreed. Never heard of it happen, may well have of course.
Number plate farce - Paul I
my plates made by Halfords supply no detail apart from a very very small logo - probably the biggest supplier in the country ?
Number plate farce - Screwloose
Paul 1

If they're 51-plate or later.... Whoops!

[I thought Halfords were the worst for needing to see - and copy - everything from your V5 and utility bills, to your licence, birth certificate, passport and both sets of grandparents to prove your ID?]
Number plate farce - Pugugly {P}
I have yet to persuade the Skoda garage I bought the Roomie from that they want to pay for the new plates for my car, but I'm working on it !
Number plate farce - Paul I

your right it is certainly easier to get into this country than buy a numberplate ...but there is no markings apart from a very small 1cm x 1 cm logo in white... brought in 2005
Number plate farce - cheddar
>>The young lad makes the plates up as XYZ1 23A Instead of XYZ 123A>>

XYZ 123A implies that they are pre 1983 format, post '83 would be A123 XYZ, nevertheless XYZ1 23A is applying the post 2001 spacing, i.e. YZ51 ABC, to the earlier alpha numeric system.

The Halfords guy was wrong, I would have stood my ground.
Number plate farce - bell boy
i was offered plates made up at one of my factors a couple of weeks ago ,when i asked how much and the bloke said it didnt matter that i didnt have a unique number i was not amused
Number plate farce - jbif
The new requirements were discussed in the thread below a few weeks
I asked the question then and I suspect that it was this bit that caused confusion
"Is there any other source, apart from the VOSA leaflet, where it is stated that the BS AU 145d mark and the plate Supplier's Name and Postcode have to be shown?"

VOSA have removed the pdf document, , from their website.

The link to that document in this press statement , and the link from their "what's new" page has been removed.
Number plate farce - stuartl
The last time I got a Number Plate (My kids really irritate me by referring to them as 'license plates', too much trashy American TV!!) from Halfords it cost me £15 and I had to produce Reg Document, ID, Utility Bill etc.

A few months ago I got a set of perfect, approved plates from ebay in approved font with small text of my choice at the bottom of the plate as an option if I so wished.

I resisted the temptation to have 'Kev and Bev' underneath the VRM.

Mainly because I'm not called Kev and my missus isn't called Bev : o )

Seriously though, I got a pair of perfect plates for £13-50 inc postage
Number plate farce - Manatee
I did likewise with a couple of trailer plates - I didn't feel like giving Halfords an ID theft kit. But the plates don't have BSAU145d and the maker's name and postcode on - did yours?

Naturally I took the Kev and Bev option. All that remains is the change of names for me and Mrs Dugong.

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Number plate farce - stuartl
I'll check for the BSAU number when it stops raining in Gloucester so check this posting again around next May!

I went via the ebay route as i needed a reg plate for my trailer and the car ones were a bit warped and scruffy (much like myself) so I got two new smart ones for £13-50 and put the old rear one on the trailer.

They are certainly better than ones I have had made up in the past, my ebay ones were perfectly spaced and all the letters were straight and nicely trimmed round the edges.

Ooh err missus, I'm starting to sound like Kenneth Williams again : o )

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Number plate farce - jbif
See HJ's news item
The following MOT failure points are suspended at present:

Number plate farce - UncleR
I hadn't realised this.

Only a couple of weeks ago I took my permanent marker and masking tape to my number plates to cover up the details of the (used) car dealership where I purchased the car (it's a neat job). They did 2 things which really annoyed me so I have no intention of advertising them.

So until these new laws were dropped, that would be an MOT failure? Crazy! I bet they are back in by the time the MOT is due in Feb!
Number plate farce - Aprilia
Legally you need to have the BS no., makers post code, correct font etc etc - nothing has changed on that score. The police can still pull you up if any of this is missing - its the law. The MoT issue is to do with how this check is implemented as part of the MoT - its really a technical issue relating to documentation at VOSA. Once it is sorted out (probably quite soon) the check will be back as part of the MoT.
Number plate farce - Pugugly {P}
My personal plate finally going on the Skoda - Plates cost ? £9.99 from a main dealer. Now that is cheap.
Number plate farce - steveo3002
so if my car still has its original early 90s plates(good condition)...then they will fail its mot?
Number plate farce - jbif
So until these new laws were dropped, that would be an MOT failure? Crazy! I bet they are back in by the time the MOT is due in Feb!

So did it pass in February?

It seems the MOT requirements for number plates have been reinstated as explained in a new document.
The old version has been removed (so cannot tell what was different about it) and has been replaced with

See press notice at


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