1999 1.8 20v - air flow flap V71 motor fault - kev246
Hi there,

I have a 99 model year passat 1.8 20v petrol & has had a ticking noise from from passanger dash area for the past 8 months. This would seem to be related to the V71 air flow flap motor. I've had this confirmed by my local specialist & also that this is a dash out 8 hour job for replacement of this £100 motor.

Is anyone aware of a workaround to avoid this or has completed / experience of this job themselves perhaps with a shortcut ?

I've had a quick look myself, glovebox out etc but stopped when looked like i'd need to start removing some more serious stuff to get near it.

Any advice would be appreciated, i'd find it hard to swallow a £700 garage bill for something that doesn't impact the running of a perfectly good car (just the annoying noise !

Many thanks in advance


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1999 1.8 20v - air flow flap V71 motor fault - PeterRed
I replaced the leaking heater matrix on my 2000 Passat and it took me 4 days labour. Taking the dash out is not a short job. It also introduces the risk of assorted other creaks and rattles when you reassemble it.

I'd live with it or turn up the stereo.....

1999 1.8 20v - air flow flap V71 motor fault - kev246
Thanks for that, suppose i may have to live with it.

I wonder if there is a way of isolating the power to this motor, that should stop the noise but not sure if it would leave the flap in the open or recirculating position, i could live without the recirculating function.

Woud appreciate any more feedback to help me out with this.


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