Swap or not - Charliecat
Have 2.0 si Mondeo M plate 72k (annual mileage 13K) good condition /Maitained. I can get 97/98 Primera 2.0 Se all the whistles and bells automatic with 30K on clock one owner fsh for £5.5k. My outlook was to keep the ford 3 more years and pay 6k cash for newercar then. I can afford 3K cash plus watever I can get for the ford??? My philosophy is to keep a motor 10 years if poss.Is it swap time and how is the best way to get rid of the ford??
Re: Swap or not - honest john
This is The Backroom, not honestjohn. The 'R' reg Primera is over-priced by about £500. Your Mondeo is worth about £2,500. In the circumstances, probably better to keep the amortised Mondeo and just hope you don't need a clutch.

Re: Swap or not - David Lacey
Best place to get rid of the Ford is the local breaker's yard!! Only joking.
If it's time for a change (life is short, live it to the max) go and treat yourself to the Primera (very reliable) knocking £500 off the pirce as HJ says.
1994 Mondeo a bit long in the tooth now, go on, change it!!!

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