Blocked windscreen washer jets. - The Whiteknight
My problem my front windscreen washer jets keep getting blocked by tree sap they have been recently unblocked by my local garage as part of the service which have worked great until today . They did seem to think it was tree sap blocking the tubes up . I just wondered if their was anything I could perhaps put in the screen washer tank apart from screen wash to prevent them from becoming blocked .

Thanks in advance.

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Blocked windscreen washer jets. - the original horse
if youve ever took off a bottle you would notice in the bottom ""jelly like substance""this accumulates over the years and can actully stall the pump, i cant see a small amount of sap falling on the jets blocking them to be honest.
if you can remove the pump and wash through, you will be surprised at the gunge that comes out.
if you cant do that, try diluting it by putting a hose pipe in the top and let it overflow for 5 mins .
Blocked windscreen washer jets. - Lud
Commonest thing is the jets getting blocked by road and atmospheric dirt. Pins are too thick for a lot of jets but needles or ball-headed display pins are usually small enough. You can adjust the jets' direction too, but be careful not to snap a needle off in a jet.
Blocked windscreen washer jets. - pendulum
If the garage cleaned the jets out and it worked for a while, it suggests there is dirt inside the system to me, I did this a couple of times (unblocking washer jets) only to find it would get blocked again within a week, traced it to filth within a pipe that was breaking off and getting lodged in the jets. Can't really see tree sap causing that problem... why not park it away from a tree or cover the jets before leaving the car for a while to eliminate that (or not).

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Blocked windscreen washer jets. - MW
No real substitute for having the bottle out and giving it a really good clean out. Quarter fill with clean water and flush out the pipes. Then fill with your chosen washer fluid to about 33% concentration at this time of the year. Most cars benefit from this every two years or so.

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