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1.8 tddi starting problem when cold - steve28
hi my car wont start very well i have to switch it on &off about 4 times then when it does start youd think it was on fire there is a little bolt that goes that connects the first cable to the last on the glow plugs i have been told that this should get hot but it is luke warm. it turns over slower in the morning could this be my battery could you please help me with this problem

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1.8 tddi starting problem when cold - piston power
Have you tested the glow plugs? best to remove them and put 12v across them to see if they glow, but only for a few seconds ie:4 secs don't burn them out!
check if the timer/relay is working ok, please report back with any info..
1.8 tddi starting problem when cold - DP
It sounds like glowplugs to me as well.

When it eventually starts, does it fire up on all four straight away, or is more like 2 cylinders, then 3, then 4 (and lots of smoke as you say)?

The Mondeo's been firing up on 3 in the recent cold snap so I've got this job coming up soon as well. And I bet it's the one buried behind the pump!!

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00 Mondeo 1.8TD LX
1.8 tddi starting problem when cold - steve28
thanks for reply just watch your knuckles i lost a bit of skin on mine if it is the plugs

Do you know where is the timer relay is?

my glow plugs were changed about 4000 miles ago.

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ford escort estate 18 tddi - steve28
i am getting now power to my glow plugs
ford escort estate 18 tddi - Pugugly {P}

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