1.5d - rough idle - scfc_151
our 106 has recently had a cam belt done and hasnt really been right since.

It has the following symptoms:

Rough idling when hot or cold
poor fuel economy
blue smoke
lumpy when running but not all the time

Im unsure whether the timing belt has anything to do with the problem as I would have thought if the timing was out it would not be smooth all of the time rather than some of it.

The car has 130000 on the clock and has been serviced every 6k

It also has had new glow plugs and plenty of injector cleaner

any ideas?


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106 1.5d rough idle - Screwloose

Was it running properly before the belt change?
106 1.5d rough idle - scfc_151
screwloose it was a bit lumpy before the belt change when it was cold if you held the revs at a certain point like 1100rmp for example. Then it would judder and smoke a lot.
Thats why im wondering if the problem is getting worse and the fact thats its gone in for a belt change is just confussing things

im wondering if it could be the fuel pump or something?

if so are these pumps mechanical or electrical becasue the battery light stays on until the engine is revved and the electric power steering pump wont kick in until the light goes.

This has also been cutting in and out whilst driving. Dont know if this helps?

106 1.5d rough idle - bell boy
i dont want to take screwlooses thunder but im pretty sure its the waxstat causing your problems £20 ish from the pewgot dealer easy fix attaches to the pump via a cable
106 1.5d rough idle - 659FBE
I wonder if the person who changed the cambelt understood how to set the vernier adjusters on the cam and pump wheels?

If these are not correctly set with the engine pegged it will never run correctly. My partner has a 106D with 131k miles on the clock - it runs really well (the rest of the car is a bit rattly now). I did all the belt changes though.

As long as the cable to the waxstat is clear of the pump lever with a hot engine, it's not that.

106 1.5d rough idle - bell boy
and hasnt really been right since.
>>>>>>>>>>> fair play missed that scfc_151 ----goes and (puts on big hat and stands in corner)


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