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My brother is looking to buy a 2 to 3 years old ideally Octavia TDi and he's thinking of going to auction, I'm going with him next week. Just would like a few do''s and dont's when buying a car from auction.
The car would be used as a private hire so you could suggest others which you think are good cars to consider for taxi. Thanks
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First bit of advice is not to buy at your first auction. Go to a couple first and get a feel for how it works and what stuff is fetching. For a one-off purchase like yours, I'd consider hiring a professional auction buyer to do it for you. They'd be less likely to pay too much, less likely to buy a lemon and they'll pay much less commission than you will so it'll probably not cost you much at all.
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Just in case you hadn´t seen HJ´s advice.
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Surely if you buy an Octavia diesel at auction you run the risk of buying a clocked Taxi / Private Hire?

FWIW my neighbour drives a Private Hire Cab and he runs the Octavia. However he finds it cheaper to run one through the Cab firms's lease deal than buy a secondhand one. Might be worth exploring if that option is available?

Still seeing old style Octavias being registered, now with 57 plates, when the new style Octavias have been out since 54 or 05 !
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