52 reg TDCi - Warning Light Problem! - PatriciaX
Hello all :-)

I've just done a search on the new fandangled ... search and couldn't see where this had been covered but I'm sure it has so please feel free to point me in the right direction!.

I have a 52 TDCi and the coil warning light comes on intermitently - flashing constantly (no breaks in between) and the beast goes into limp-home mode - but when I take it to the dealer and they run the diagnostic, say theres nothing wrong and it just needs a "reboot" - its fine for a couple of months and then it happens again!

Its driving me mad as its costing to run the diagnostic every time - so surely there must be something wrong with it - I've had it 2 years and its happened about 6 times - but this time its happened twice in 2 weeks and Im running out of patience.

Fuel consumption is fine, runnings good so why does it keep doing this???

Im going to be selling it soon - not cos of this but cos I've just got a new company car (Focus Ghia 2.0 petrol - now I know why everyone goes on about the "handling" - nice but it doesn't half take time to accelerate - certainly missing my TDCi on slip roads!!! - sorry, I digress)
52 reg TDCi - Warning Light Problem! - kithmo
It sounds like an intermittent connection to one of the sensors, check all the plugs and sockets you can find on the wiring. You can reset the ecu yourself by disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes or so. IIRC this won't clear any fault codes though and you will need to re-code the radio and reset the global closing on the windows (and sunroof if fitted) after a battery disconnect.
2005 Ford Mondeo Zetec 2.0 TDCi 130ps
52 reg TDCi - Warning Light Problem! - PatriciaX
Aha! Sounds like a plan!

Will definitely try the reboot by unhooking the battery - hopefully it'll take it off the "gimp home mode" ;-)

Am I imagining that the fuel injector/warning light thing is a known challenge with these Mondeos ... Im sure I heard it somewhere ...

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