What happens to lemons? - Falkirk Bairn
A friend of afriend bought an R32 a couple of months back. Within a week or so the gearbox failed. It was replaced and again afew weeks later the gearbox failed again.

This time he got a new car as it was deemed a lemon.

What happens to this car - does it become a low mileage / 1 owner on tyhe forecourt or what?
What happens to lemons? - T Lucas
Thats exactly what happens to them,next user will be none the wiser so unless the problem occurs again will be happy.
What happens to lemons? - Simon
I don't know exactly but it will get sold onto an suspecting punter somewhere. Whether it continues to be a troublesome car or a decent one after all is anyones guess.
What happens to lemons? - jase1
The problem with cars like this is that the chances are there was nothing wrong with either box, and the problem will have been down to something daft elsewhere but as long as the real cause is not diagnosed the car will continue to be a nightmare.
What happens to lemons? - WipeOut
Judging by the last car that I "rejected", you are made to sign a document that states you've "sold it back" to the garage. I just wanted my money back and so reluctantly signed.

They then sell it, as an ex-demonstator or a managers car, or something similar.

Incidentally a few months later, I read of someone on a forum with a car with an identical spec, discussing exactly the same mechanical issues I had.

Knowing this now, I would be very reluctant to buy a low mileage (demonstrator or managers) car!

What happens to lemons? - OldSkoOL
Unfortunately it is difficult to tell - the vast majority of demo's are sold within 6k miles. Some are sold with only a 100 miles on the clock if someone puts down a deposit.

Unless you buy a car from new you dont really know what your getting. You could be getting a ex rental car at some point in its life and they are really something you dont want to be getting.

Something like 35%-40% (maybe more) of all cars are company cars and employees dont treat them well at all; especially during run in.

Its all a risk; sounds like this R32 was doomed everything since it came off the production line. Mind you all golf manual gearboxes in my opinion are pants.

What happens to lemons? - isisalar
I could tell some real horror stories about 'low milage company demonstrators' but here's a couple of the minor ones. Anyone remember that VW golf advert where the car was dropped from a great height next to the oriental gentlman ?what do you think happened to that? you've guessed it. What do you think happens to the manufacturers cars that are used on track days and for magazine road tests, they don't throw them away you know.Third one, what happens to the cars that are so badly damaged in transit that they can't be sold as new cars, clue the're not thrown away either.
What happens to lemons? - Blue {P}
we've been over this so many times, you don't know for certain what you get even with a new car. Quite a few times we had to smash windows in new cars to retrieve lost keys in a hurry, the problem was covered up by fitting OEM glass from a used car as even we couldn't get a perfect match with the original stuff.

I've crashed at least one brand new car that I can remember before it even had it's plates fitted, a quick trip to the bodyshop for a rear end respray (and maybe a new panel looking at the scrape) and it was handed over to a very happy buyer. Another salesman I knew even managed to deploy the airbags in a new Focus after sliding into a roundabout, yes, you've guessed it, that one was handed over too! Although I must admit that the customer was informed about that one (and amazingly still took it) as we thought that was a little beyond what was acceptable damage for a new car! :-)

That's why I wouldn't hesitate to buy a nearly new car, they're much cheaper and are just as likely to have had the niggles ironed out as they are to be a lemon.

Oh, and yes, anything that was ever handed back under warranty was stuck back on the forecourt, although in some cases after a lot of work had been done to make sure the car was sorted.


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