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Gearbox Problems - Difficult to engage gears. - Peter
It is reaching a stage where it is very difficult to change gear. I can only select first by switching the engine off, put in 1st gear, start up and then go. Going up/down the gears is very awkward.

The clutch was changed last Xmas, will it have gone out of adjustment or do I have a failing gearbox? All comments appreciated.

If the latter would anyone have a clue as to how much a recon box would be?

Many thanks.

Gearbox Problems - Difficult to engage gears. - injection doc
If the selection is difficult with the engine running but OK with engine turned off it would suggest a clutch problem of some sort. depending on the year if it has hydraulic clutch it may well need new hydraulics. If it had a new clutch last X-mas it should still have a warranty so get it checked out.
Gearbox Problems - Difficult to engage gears. - Civic8
As injection doc said,more problems on hydraulic side than with gearboxs on these,personally I have never known a gearbox to cause a problem on a Rover-apart from the odd crunch into reverse that most all seem to suffer.
Gearbox Problems - Difficult to engage gears. - Peter
Thank you for those comments, most reassuring.

Gearbox Problems - Difficult to engage gears. - Peter
Just an update, the garage tells me it is an internal fault as they can find no problem with the hydraulics.

To investigate further they reckon on £255.00 + vat to remove said g/box before they find any faults that need attending to.

A recon gearbox is £555.00 + vat and a clutch kit from past experience will be in the region of £150.00 or more.

It looks like a sale on E-bay or the scrapman.

Rather annoying as I have changed the cam belt, the clutch, exhaust system, front brake discs/pads and battery. All within the last year.

Joys of motoring!!!!
Gearbox Problems - Difficult to engage gears. - Cyd
That's very expensive for a 'box. If you're anywhere near Coventry i can recommend a 'box specialist who'll rebuild yours for about £350 all in. he did an excellent job of my Rover 820 Vitesse Sport box 60k ago and it's still going strong (not unknown for these to get chewed up in 20k).
Gearbox Problems - Difficult to engage gears. - kco
I'm having same xperience as Peter but I use a VW Bora. It's a bit expensive so I can't scrap it for now. I have just changed my Clutch kit but the problem still persists. I live in Coventry and will appreciate if you could recomend me a 'Box Specialist'.
Gearbox Problems - Difficult to engage gears. - Civic8
You could try changing gear oil (up to you) has been known to cure the problem, but also may not.

If you do sell it, don't use any additives in gearbox to help improve it cos it makes gear-changing worse instead of better...
Gearbox Problems - Difficult to engage gears. - injection doc
I still find it difficult to understand that it is an internal problem if you can change gear without the engine running!, the only things that can cause a problem when running if internal is a bearing circlip broken causing a gear set to move up & down the box, a cracked gear hub will only effect 2 gears, I would get another opinion as my hunch say's clutch problem whether it be weak hydraulics or broken clutch diaphram spring or release bearing worn through a couple of diaphram fingers due to poor quality clutch.
Does it crunch putting it in reverse with the engine running? if it does its the clutch for shore!
Hope this helps Doc
Gearbox Problems - Difficult to engage gears. - bell boy
as said
get another opinion

Gearbox Problems - Difficult to engage gears. - philsteel
Thanks for your info (7th Oct) regarding clutch/gear box troubles.
I have a Rover 200 ('99) and this afternoon I couldn't select any gears with the engine running, but could with the engine off!
Well, I can almost select reverse with the car running, but it makes an almighty crunching noise.

Another thing I've noticed in the last few weeks is a rattling noise when the clutch is depressed, when waiting at traffic lights etc. I guess this is related.

Anyway, I had it taken home by Green Flag and in the morning I'll phone some garages.

So it's DEFINETELY release bearing/diaphram springs and not the gear box...
If I had the whole clutch replaced, would that do the trick?
Also, what d'ya reckon it'll cost?
Gearbox Problems - Difficult to engage gears. - Civic8
>>The clutch was changed last Xmas

Take it back and tell them whats happening,more likely to be clutch than gearbox imo
Gearbox Problems - Difficult to engage gears. - Peter
Thank you all for your advice. The car has reached a point where it has become a liabilty and a drain on the purse. If a clutch repair etc, my local garage is talking about £255 + vat before any parts are involved. The garage who fitted the clutch are not local to home. The car is immobile.

I am scrapping it via a local dismantler. Enough is enough. It is eleven years old, a handyman might fancy his chances but not me.

However should anyone fancy a car with lots of good bits, a diesel engine that does 52mpg and fancies a trip to Swindon do contact me (but one dodgy clutch.)

Thank you.
Gearbox Problems - Difficult to engage gears. - DL
Have you still got the car Peter?
groups.msn.com/honestjohn - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Gearbox Problems - Difficult to engage gears. - ludacris
Hi there my rover 400 r reg 1.4 has just screwed up .. for the past few days the clutch has been squeeling when depressed and changing gear but once in gear no problems ..not slipping etc..
but tonight whilst driving along it stopped wanting to change gear...:-<
does this mean my clutch has gone or is it the release bearing ..
either way it must be expensive????
any advice would be greatfully received...

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