Heater problems - Robin
The heater on my wife's punto is not working. It is a Y reg 1.2l model with about 42,000 miles on the clock. The car has just been serviced and has had the oil sump replaced (both 2 weeks ago). Not sure when the heater stopped working but the fan only blows cold air regardless of the temperature setting. Additionally when the fan has been on for a while the engine temperature warning light comes on. The water level in the reservoir was quite low when I checked it this evening. Coulsue be related?d the water level and heater is

Clearly it needs a vist to the garage but could the heater problems be related to the recent work? Is there simple fix I could do myself?
Heater problems - bell boy
sounds like they drained and refilled the water system? anti freeze ?
did they?
and did they bleed it properly if they did?
im only summising
no other reason really unless you have a problem with the engine or cooling system
not happy that the light comes on so get it checked soonest before the head gasket goes

somebody will be on and blame aliens in a minute but to be honest they dont like fiats so its cool,apart from your car anyway,oops sorry,no pun-to intended

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