1998 1.25 Losing coolant. - liefy

I have a fiesta 1.25 LX on a 1998/R-reg plate. Before I had it serviced I noticed the water level was going down slowly but consistently. I asked the garage where I had it serviced to check it but they forgot, and said give it a week to see it it goes down again and bring it back. Just over a week has passed and the water had gone down about an inch from the MAX level mark on the tank (in another week it will drop about another inch). I'm taking it back but just wondered if you had any ideas what the cause could be so I'm not told porkies!

Thanks very much
Losing Water - r3d_dwarf
best case = split/worn hose pipe or leaking rad.
worse case = headgasket....have you any mayo colour cream on your oil cap? or any oil deposits in your coolant?? if you have its a sign that you need to sell or trade in quick.
Losing Water - liefy
Cheers! I haven't noticed any odd colours in oil (and garage didn't mention it after service) and can't see any deposits in coolant tank. fingers crossed it's not that! thanks
1998 1.25 Losing coolant. - Screwloose

Any water stains on the plug caps?
1998 1.25 Losing coolant. - r3d_dwarf
think the garage would have mentioned that if the plugs showed any sign of damage/fault ect
but then they did "forget" to check why theres coolant loss
perhaps a change in garage for a second opinion is in order.
for about 20 pounds a competent garage will do a compression check, that way it will tell if your head is damaged/worn ect

1998 1.25 Losing coolant. - bell boy
you mean a coolant pressure test rad-well dwarf ;-)
any competant independant garage would do it for nothing if for the goodwill feeling of future work?
i would anyway if customer had the right attitude
1998 1.25 Losing coolant. - Saltrampen
Check for leaks around the water pump and listen for strange noises from the Pump.
Water pumps are a known weak spot on Fiestas.


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