Carlton to...? - Tim Hardingham
Quick one this time:
Got a Vauxhall Carlton 2.0 CDX auto, all the toys, 93 model. Looking to change for either an Omega CDx or a Mondeo Ghia x, 2 or 2.5 litres in either case.. Which would be the better buy in terms of ride quality and reliability? Any thoughts?
RE: Carlton to...? - honestjohn
Dear |Tim,

A simple, plain Mondeo 2.0LX. Why pay more for an older car? If you can find a 97 or 97R Mondeo 1.8LX with 65 profile tyres it has the best ride quality of any old shape Mondeo. The fancier versions all have low profile tyres.

RE: Carlton to...? - Tim Hardingham
I hate it when people are sensible. Sigh. I know I should do that, but no cruise control? How can I possibly career dangerously off the road when half asleep without cruise? But actually that's excellent advice, HJ - thank you very much.