Head Gasket - too expensive - MGF VVC

Surprise, surprise, my head gasket has blown on my MGF. Only thing is i've only had it for a month!

Now because it's the VVCi anyone who will touch it is quoting me around £950.

Surely there must be someone out there who can help me out at a reasonable price.

I'm located up in Stirling, but will def travel if anyone knows of somewhere i could take it.

Any ideas folks?

Please help.
MGF Head Gasket - too expensive - Collos25
My decorator has just taken his in and they were relucant to touch it, what appeared to be a head gasget as turned into a cracked block and they are now trying to source a short motor.The mechanic is a friend and he said if another one comes through the door it goes straight out.So £950 is cover for what may be wrong and the difficulty sourcing some parts as it will need cam belt, water pump at the minimum at the same time.
MGF Head Gasket - too expensive - Saltrampen
Not much help, but my wife's friend's husband has resorted to doing it himself.
(MGF convertible).
The problem seems to be that as these are known weak spots, the garage is probably factoring in some insurance type costs to cover their 1 year parts and labour guarantee.
Search posts not sure if the was some advice previously on minimising risk of HGF for MGs / rovers. Something about stretch bolts not being tightened correctedly?
Head Gasket - too expensive - injection doc
Its about right for a proper job .I always replaced cooling pipes under car as well at the same time. A cheap job will cost you dear in the long run! Have it done local & properly with a warranty.
They are quite involved & must have head skimmed & crack tested & must have new bolts & head set & belt etc etc so it all adds up.
Head Gasket - too expensive - jase1
As it is highly likely to go again once it's happened once, I would be inclined to get the cheapest job you can find and trade the car in to be honest.
Head Gasket - too expensive - injection doc
Jase 1, if you get a cheap job it will go again!. I always found there was an underlying cause normally water loss due to corroded cooling pipes or fan failure or system hadn't been bled after a coolant change. I have never had a rover head fail after replacing a gasket & am quite confident with all the ones running about that I had replaced years ago!. Do it properly & do it once & the rest is down to how its driven & maintained!
Head Gasket - too expensive - stuartl
I wouldn't buy anything with a K series in for this very reason, they're almost certainly going to fail and as Inj doc says, they need to be done properly or you might as well not bother.

Type 'Head Gasket Gone' or similar on ebay and find a great selection of Rovers for sale.

Theres a saying that 'you cant afford to do it properly but can afford to do it twice' which is quite fitting here.

My brother's factory built Caterham 7 did it's first HG at 7000 miles and three years old and he drives it like an old man! (He even has the flat cap : o ) )
Head Gasket - too expensive - Simon
>>Type 'Head Gasket Gone' or similar on ebay and find a great selection of Rovers for sale.

Not at the minute!!! I've just tried it out with various different search words and I can only find one Rover with a head gasket problem for sale. Sods law isn't it?
Head Gasket - too expensive - tr7v8
Article in this months Car Mechanics about doing it. They talk about getting the FULL kit, pulling the sump off, replacing the ladder etc.
A thread on Pistonheads here which is quoting around a grand.

Head Gasket - too expensive - stuartl
Well Simon, as I typed it I thought I was tempting fate!!!!

I looked a while ago and most cars on there were Rovers!

One guy was advertising a very nice looking R75 on a y plate and the heading was:

Rover 75 Head Gasket gone AGAIN

Apparently he had already done it twice and now couldn't wait to see the back of the car

Dont worry though, they'll be another one (or two or three) along soon...........
Head Gasket - too expensive - GregSwain
Rover 75 Head Gasket gone AGAIN

The worst K-series by far is the 1.8 litre, and I'd imagine it's working hard pulling a Rover 75 around. So not surprising!
Head Gasket - too expensive - Robin the Technician
You say you've only had it a month - where did you buy it from? If it was from a dealer then you may have some recourse against them. How old is the car and how many miles has it done. Did it come with a service history as it may have had the gasket done previously.
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Head Gasket - too expensive - DL
"The cylinder head must be skimmed"

Very, very untrue.

Many K Series cylinder heads have had their faces skimmed when it is not needed. If a K Series cylinder head has got hot enough to warp it or liner indentation marks, then it is deemed scrap and not fit for further service. The alloy would have lost it's hardness (been annealled) due to the excess heat.

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Head Gasket - too expensive - Thorcom
Just saw this thread and although its late others might find it. i had mine done with a company called SNIP and they repaired it for me. There specialists in head gasket replacements. hope this helps someone.

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