Halfords soft top repair kit - Turbodog
Does anyone have any experience with this? I have a small hole (7-8 mm) in my MX 5 canvas roof. I've seen a professional car upholsterer who showed me a very nice result (which he described as '80% invisible') on an MGF he'd done, but he needs the car for half a day and he isn't exactly local to me, so i'm wondering if this Halford kit would give a similar result. I should add that i'm a bit kack handed; it'll have to be easy to use!
Help and advice much appreciated.
Halfords soft top repair kit - mjm
The kit looks as if it designed for vinyl tops. You say that yours is canvas.

It looks like a "stick on" repair so it depends upon how well the adhesive will work on canvas.

It will also depend, to a certain extent, whereabouts the hole is. If it is somewhere where the area is rubbed by the frame or is subject to severe creasing when the hood is folded then, in my experience, stick on patches will not last long.

Did the hole appear or was it made by accident? If the former then it could be the start of mend one and then another appears?

If it is at all possible, especially if the rest of the car is in good condition, I would be inclined to go for the professional repair.

The Halfords kit is £30 +p&p of £5. The professional repair is probably not far off this.

P S, We have a set of 4 Mazda 5 spoke alloys 7J x 15 in the garage, surpluss to requirements ----
Halfords soft top repair kit - martint123
If a professional upholsterer takes half a day to do a good job, do you really think a Halfords kit in the hands of an amateur (sorry) will be anywhere near as good?. It may well keep the water out, but won't be invisible.
Where abouts is the hole? is it a cut or worn? If it's in one of the usual places from stress, then chances of success are that much lower.
Halfords soft top repair kit - geoff1248
And the cost of a brand new hood is? Put it this way, when you come to sell the car the purchaser will knock you down by the price of a new canvas roof anyway so why not do it now before winter sets on us?
Halfords soft top repair kit - Turbodog
Thanks for all your replies. The cost of the professional repair is £55 and to be honest I was already doubtful that the kit would do as good a job; I was just hoping someone might say otherwise. I am selling the car soon, so I want it to look good but I'm not sooo worried about how long it lasts....
Incidentally the cost of a new hood is about £750 fitted, although MX5parts.co.uk do it for less and seem to be well rated.
Halfords soft top repair kit - martint123
Vinyl £150, mohair £250 + around 100 quid to fit. (ah, plus VAT I see).

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