2.2 TDCi (05) - EGR valve? - Walton2
The ST TDCi has suddenly started emitting blue smoke on start up and missing badly under engine load (esp 2-3K rpm). I'll confess to using supermarket fuel but, in my defence: it could be a bad batch as it started straight after filling up on Thursday and it's run fine for the past 11 months, there is a dearth of Shell/Esso/BP stations in this area that are convenient for me to use, and all my handbook says is 'use fuel that meets EN590' which I presumed was a standard specifictation, and don't use bio diesel. Writing 1000 times "I will not do it again"...
Questions: 1) Does this sound like the sooted EGR valve issue? 2) Should I put some 'quality' fuel in now (1/3 full) or wait until it's virtually empty? 3) Will such fuel do the trick or does it need garage attention? 4) Are there any additatives that will help the cleaning process (if that is the problem)? 5) Is Jet/Total diesel of the same quality (it's easier to find)? Many thanks for any help.
2.2 TDCi (05) - EGR valve? - Aprilia
If its blue smoke then sounds like burning oil. Doubt its the fuel.
2.2 TDCi (05) - EGR valve? - Walton2
OK, it could be bluey-grey or even greyi-blue
2.2 TDCi (05) - EGR valve? - kithmo
Could be water in the fuel, Needs the tank emptying and a new Fuel filter IMO and fingers crossed it hasn't ruined the pump and injectors.
I sound like a Ford dealer ;0o
When was the last time the filter was changed ? It should be renewed at 37.5K according to Ford Service Schedule.

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2.2 TDCi (05) - EGR valve? - Walton2
It's only done 30K so the filter will be the original.
2.2 TDCi (05) - EGR valve? - kithmo
It might be worth changing it, the Ford service schedule also states that it should be drained and checked for water at every service (12.5K) if it has a drain facility (and mine has) but the dealers don't bother because some don't have the drain tap on the bottom. It involves taking the filter off and draining some fuel into a jar to check.
2.2 TDCi (05) - EGR valve? - Walton2
Thanks for that, I'll look into it. However...got it down to about 11 litres of fuel so filled it up with BP Ultimate and a double dose of Millers and although there's still some blue/grey smoke on start up it seems to be running smoothly at the moment. I'll run another full tank of Ultimate through it and then probably just use standard diesel from the main suppliers rather than supermarket. The problem with Ultimate is that it'll be about £6.00 per tank more expensive which somewhat negates the economy of diesel. Anybody got any opinions on Shell/Esso/BP/Jet/Total diesel?
2.2 TDCi (05) - EGR valve? - cheddar
The best diesel is supposed to be BP Ult and Shell V-Power folowed by Shell and Texaco normal.

I run mine on BP Ult, yes it cost a little more though the difference varies between 5 and 10% and I reckon I get a couple of extra MPG (as I used to running a Vectra V6 on Optimax) so it still costs me no more than 10p a mile. Reckon it is worth paying a bit extra to look after the engine as well.

Re your problem I would fill up with BP Ult (watch putting too much Millers in because BP Ult has cetane boosters as does Millers) and do a 30 mile motorway run using 4th and 5th so it is around 2750 to 3000 revs, not thrashing it just high enough revs to give it a clear out and even 3000 in top could jepourdise you licence.
2.2 TDCi (05) - EGR valve? - Walton2
Thanks again, I was basing the cost on the Ult being 10p/litre more than standard at the station I used, but I'll do a more thorough check. I'll do the motorway run as soon as work/son's football/daughter's music/parent's evening/governor's meetings/eating/sleeping allow!

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