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Buying number plate without V5 - Dave N
I foolishly sent my V5 off for an address change, but now want to buy a number plate for my trailer. Is there any way it can be done?
Buying number plate without V5 - GregSwain
Allegedly there are a number of websites that specialise in selling "show plates" for cars. Of course these aren't legal for road use, but you can specify a font and reflective background that meets UK requirements, so the "show plate" has the look of a road-legal one ;-)
Buying number plate without V5 - aaflyer
Buying number plate without V5 - milkyjoe
cant you wait till you get your new v5 back, make one out of card and a felt tipped pen like most trailer plates!!!
Buying number plate without V5 - Westpig
when i hired a trailer they made up a plate themselves out of sticky letters. Same font as it should be etc ... they warned me it wasn't legal and the only other option was i had to turn up with the correct plate myself....can't see what else they can do, unless they start doing a sideline in making plates officially...i did 600 odd miles with it on motorways etc with no problem whatsoever and wouldn't have expected any.

my m/c plate is slightly smaller than it should be with an ever so slightly smaller font (so that it doesn't look as stupid as the standard sized one which looks far too big on a bike)......has been on the bike since 2002 and i've done many thousands of miles with no hassle at all ...got it from an advert in MCN as a 'show only' as mentioned above.

(to the holier than thou, the plate and font are subtly smaller than standard and to the uninitiated they wouldn't even notice the difference from the real thing. It can still be easily read at the required distances and by cameras.)
Buying number plate without V5 - Aprilia
I think in Scotland the plates can be made up without sight of the V5. So order online from someone based in Scotland. Try ebay for starters.
Buying number plate without V5 - local yokel
Get a piece of ply, a pot of yellow paint and a pot of black paint. Trace out the reg, and paint black as reqd. I can't see Plod getting too upset about that.
Buying number plate without V5 - spikeyhead {p}
Black marker pen, yellow highlighter, won't be a problem if its neat
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Buying number plate without V5 - burpie
Print one out on an inkjet then laminate it ;)
Buying number plate without V5 - Dave N
Good ol' ebay to the rescue.

You can get a 'show' plate with standard font etc, ie perfectly legal, or a proper plate that's no different. For the proper plate you have to send them a copy of your licence and V5 - isn't that a bit dodgy?

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