1.6 LX, 06 plate, 12k - engine 'stuttering' - lesz42

My friend just got himself a Focus 1.6 lx, 06 plate, with 12k on the clock, now seems half the time he gets a engine stutter, while driving along, very jerky, 2nd gear worst, and sometimes a lack of power? till about 3000 rpm, then its like the cars on boost!?

engine warning light flickers on/off but never stays on, runs fine 90% of the time,

any ideas?
1.6 LX, 06 plate, 12k - Screwloose

Sounds like a coilpack - but who cares. It's just bought and under warranty - take it back; let them sort it.
1.6 LX, 06 plate, 12k - lesz42

thought so, funny thing is, he had a seat ibiza 1.2 9 02 plate), which the focus, replaces, the seat is dead at his mums house, due to a engine that wont start, and 2 garages can not find whats wrong with it! got the focus, had it a week, already a problem! loll

1.6 LX, 06 plate, 12k - Screwloose

His name's not Jonah - is it?

What's amiss with the Seat? Has it got a spark? Does the fuel pump run? What's the 3-letter engine code?
1.6 LX, 06 plate, 12k - lesz42
names dan!,

got spark, got fuel, compression is fine, timing seems fine, turns over and over and over,till the battery dies!,

not sure of code? will get that sunday, if that helps,

ecu reported cam sensor is out of position? but that was checked afterwards, fine, so?

2 garages and a AA man, have no idea, next is to get it towed to a seat dealer?
1.6 LX, 06 plate, 12k - Screwloose

It can't be a 1.2 on an '02-plate; but if it's a 16-valve then the tensioner has likely come apart and jumped the cam belt.
1.6 LX, 06 plate, 12k - lesz42

the engine code is AZQ046228, has got new sparks and coil packs!

1.6 LX, 06 plate, 12k - Screwloose

An AZQ is a 3-cyl chain drive 12-valve - they still jump though. This must be one of the very first of the current model.

If it's done 50K+, it's getting tired; so replace the whole unit if the chain's jumped.

1.6 LX, 06 plate, 12k - Pugugly {P}
Does he live near a radio transmitter ?

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