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2003 2.2 TID - loss of power - peterc2609
I've only just found this forum so i'm copying and pasting my info from a post on another forum:



On Saturday on the motorway my car seemed to lose power.

I thought it was dodgy fuel so put £45 of decent diesel in it.

Carried on up the motorway... white smoke from the exhaust everytime I accelerated.

No power at all (i.e. no turbo) I could get to 70 but it took ages... then the engine management ligth came on and the car went into Limp home mode.

Phoned AA and he came out, done some diags and reset the management light, which enabled me to turn around and get off the motorway.

the codes were P0244 which has something to do with the Turbo charger solenoid wastegate range / performance. And another code to do tiwh a unidentified cylinder misfire.

I got home and left it till yesterday night when I was going to take it to the garage where brother works so he can look at it today. But it wouldn't start....

It turns over and partially starts then dies....

There is white smoke again when its trying to start.

Any ideas???


Is this going to cost a fortune..,..?

I've seen posts saying it could eb anythign from a split pipe, new fuel pump, new turbo, new solenoid, new egr valve, new wastegate....

All sorts!



POST 2 -

Brother the mechanic came round.... couldn't get his SnapOn diag tool to talk to car...

anyway.... took the engine cover off and found a split in a big sort of 3 inch thick pipe.... mended that temporaily...

Still wont start....

Had a look round the car etc and seems that no fuel is getting to the fuel filter....

Put diesel straight into the filter and it seems to try and start easier, but wont actually start.

Looks like the fuel pump.

Any ideas on that?

POST 3 -


Getting a tow to SarbKar in Liverpool on Thursday - £30

They will run Tech II diags - £50

What will they then do?? I haven't got a clue!

Anyone got any ideas or advice so i dont get swindled for a fortune!



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2003 Saab 9-3 2.2 TID - adverse camber
You'll like this :)

Earlier this year my FiL had a similar set of issues.

£4500 pounds later his car is running fine (53 plate 9-3 2.2TiD)
the Intercooler and turbo and pump 'needed' replacing.

If its the pump then expect >£1000.
2003 Saab 9-3 2.2 TID - Armitage Shanks {p}
last time I had this

SAAB pump new = £1800

SAAB Recon = £1400

Recon in Swansea (12 month warranty) = £900 - e mail me for details

No connection other than as a satisfied customer!

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2003 2.2 TID - loss of power - Quantum_Bigfoot

I can't believe it I've just had exactly the same problem. Driving down the motorway, all of a sudden loss of power, then no acceleration. Engine light came on and is still on. Pulled over onto hard shoulder, switched off and waited a minute, switched on and it was okay again for 2 mins, then again it happened. 4 time I had to do this until I got home. Looks like I will have to get a diag done from what you've said.

How did you get on with your problem?
2002 2.2 TID - loss of power - AshMac88

i have a saab 2002 2.2 TID and seem's to have the same problem as your's
i was just wondering what was actually wrong with your's as it might give me an idea of were to start looking thanks.

2002 2.2 TID - loss of power - fatjav

I had the same problems with my 2004 2.2 TiD and took it to an independant Saab garage expecting a hefty bill, but it turned out to be the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve and cost about £35 to get problems after getting it changed over. I can now overtake without the fear of losing power!

Hope this helps

2003 2.2 TID - loss of power - Rhagan1


Can you tell me how you fixed your saab 2.2 Tid back in 2007?

have the exact same problem. thanks

2003 2.2 TID - loss of power - Peter.N.

Take your car to a diesel specialist rather then a garage, they know what they are doing so are usually cheaper.

2003 2.2 TID - loss of power - Railroad.

Take your car to a diesel specialist rather then a garage, they know what they are doing so are usually cheaper.

Quite right. Someone recently said that taking your modern car to any old independent garage is like asking someone who knows about typewriters to look at your computer. They only think they know what they're talking about.

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