'Service needed' light on - vintagew
I haven't been driving our car for a bit, so didn't know that the 'service needed' light has been lighting up on and off for 10 days or so. I don't know where my husband has put the manual.

Do any of you Volvo drivers know whether it's a non-urgent 'good idea to get a service soonish' (it was MOT'd 6 weeks ago, and had a pre-holiday small service in May), or more important? I was planning to drive 200/300 miles tomorrow - presumably that shouldn't be a problem?

'Service needed' light on V70 - bell boy
if we say yes or no we may be sued for bad advice on this one,only you can decide the future with regards the light
'Service needed' light on V70 - vintagew
It's not a question of guesswork - it's not a like a warning light - I know it's in the manual, and was just hoping a Volvo driver would have one to hand.
'Service needed' light on V70 - Screwloose
the 'service needed' light has been lighting up on and off for 10 days or so


Service lights tend to just come on at the appropriate interval and stay on. Is this the malfunction warning light?
'Service needed' light on V70 - vintagew
It's the light that you'd expect to come on and stay on, but it's been on and off. Does that suggest a malfunction warning?
The car is so well looked after that I don't believe there's anything lurking - I just don't want to find out the hard way that driving for 200 miles after the light first comes on trips some odd Volvo feature.
'Service needed' light on V70 - adverse camber
On our v70 it comes on when you start and flashes then goes off after 5 mins or so. Then on again next start.

You dont say how old it is.

On ours you reset by holding in the tripmeter button, turning the ignition to the first position then release the tripmeter button when it starts to flash.

well something liket hat anyway. I'll look it up later.

You should know when the last service was done and therefore how much of an issue it is - Check the warranty terms to see how far over you can go without volvo having a strop about maintaining the service history.

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