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I'm asking again whether anyone has experience of these cars. The providers on this site offer some great deals and I may go for one but need convincing in two areas. First, the driver's seat seems a bit on the small size and lacking in thigh support for a taller driver. It could be very tiring on a long journey, I think. Secondly, all the road tests say the diesel Fusions tend to be rattly, as though the soundproofing isn't as good as it could be. Again, that's tiresome on long runs. Any feedback appreciated!
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I,m 6ft + & manage fiesta ( same as fusion)1.4tdci on long runs ok, seat not bad for a smallish car, far superior to a 206 hdi which was horrendously uncomfortable. 1.4 tdci noisy,ish around town but acceptable on motorways but we pick up the 1.6tdci on saturday which is a lot quieter. My wife likes the £35 a year r/tax & cheap insurance & 60mpg running about ( 170 miles a week school runs) & utter reliability with no trips to a dealer from new in 2 years & 25000 miles! unlike our peugeot that spent more weeks at the dealer for warranty work than it spent on the road. I had a 250 mile commute to work & back & often used the fiesta so not that bad.
we had a fusion but a petrol one & it guzzled fuel & ran out of puff on hills something chronic whereas the diesel just keep going. I did like the ride hieght & versitility of the fusion
Go for a 1.6tdci better fuel economy than 1.4tdci. Ours took 15000miles to loosen up to get the best ecomomy. Hope all this helps
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Also a Fiesta comparison. My dad is on his second 1.4TDCi Fiesta. First one did over 100,000 miles his one is up to almost 50,000. In all this time teaching learners I can only remember him mentioning one warranty claim - a replacement suspension component on the rear offside on his first one and this was a problem from new. 45mpg teaching too. I agree that the soundproofing is not too clever at urban speeds.
diesel - Your experience? - Corrib12
Thanks to you both for responding...very helpful. I'll probably ask the local dealer for an extended run-around in either the 1.4 or 1.6 diesel but the salespeople don't even want to know about Drive the Deal prices which they say they will never, ever, attempt to match. Something of a death wish, wouldn't you think? By contrast, the Peugot people in Inverness did their sums and were within a few quid of D-t-D on a Peugot Partner Combi.
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the salespeople don't even want to know about Drive the Deal prices

That wouldn't be M&D on Harbour Road, would it?

Last time I was looking to buy from them, I found the salesman pretty inflexible, but the salesman at M&D in Elgin was a bit more amenable.

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