'96 1.25l 16v Zetec, MOT Fail - emissions.. - karlbbb
...after hooking it up to a diagnostics, it showed a fault code for the lambda. Showed that it was stuck on "too lean", which would explain the hideous emissions results and smoke machine that my car turned into.

If I were to fit my own new lambda, would disconnecting the battery for an hour or two "reset" the ECU, and therefore have erased the fault code, and hopefully help me through a retest?

Many thanks, Karl.
'96 Fiesta 1.25l 16v Zetec, MOT Fail - emissions.. - Screwloose

Why blame the messenger? Unless it's faulty; [test it] then the poor old oxygen sensor can only tell you what's happening.

Why is it registering "lean?" What's this "smoke?" What were the two emission test results?

Forget all this "re-set" nonsense - these ECUs are very self-adaptive.

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