Some questions about a mid-90s one - Waino
Hi, my second son has just acquired a P reg 1.2LS Corsa which, with 70k on the clock, doesn't look too bad at all. May I ask the Corsa owners, or anyone else who can help, a few questions?

1. I believe that around this time, the 1.2 Corsa changed from an 8 to a 16-valve engine. Is there an easy way of telling which one it is? I will probably need this info to get the appropriate Haynes manual.
2. The bumpers and other bits of black plastic trim have turned various shades of grey. What's the best method/product for re-blacking them. I'd rather not use a spray because this will involve lots of masking - unless it really is the only worthwhile product.
3. The leading edge of the bonnet is rusting - apparently a common problem on Corsas from this era. Access is, as opposed to wheel arches etc, easy and I wonder what Backroomers would suggest as a good product for arresting the rust prior to repainting?

Many thanks, Waino
Some questions about a mid-90s Corsa - Dynamic Dave
1. The 8 valve will be single cam, the 16v twin cam. Looking at the rocker cover *should* tell you which by the size of it.
2. Heat gun.
3. Not sure. It's been a while since I've had to tackle anything rusty on car bodywork.
Some questions about a mid-90s Corsa - John S
1 P reg 1.2 LS will be single cam. 16v twin cam came out 18 months/2years years later. Single cam has narrow metal cam cover (c 8-10cm wide), with distributor poking out the end.

2 Armorall treatment sorted mine out, but it needs regular re-application. Not a spray so relatively easy to apply.

3 Replacement bonnet - you'll never fix it otherwise.


Some questions about a mid-90s Corsa - steveo3002
for the arches...foreverblack sells it or ebay

idealy yes a new bonnet, if you want to tidy it up id use por15 , rust encapsolator or rust bullet....they all do a reasonble job of holding it back , but it will return sooner or later
Some questions about a mid-90s Corsa - Rover25
Those black arches are notorious for going grey/ milky.- on my old corsa I couldn't get them black so I replaced them with new ones from Autovaux was about five years ago and cant remember what the price was, but it can't have been much or I wouldn't have bothered !

If I remember correctly the 8V was single point fuel injection and the 16V was multipoint fuel injection. So if you are any good at identifying those sort of components you might get a clue. Otherwise you could unbolt the top cambelt cover and have a look in there, two cambelt pulleys at the top and you're looking at a 16V, only one and its an 8V. The engine code is an easier way o finding out though!
Some questions about a mid-90s Corsa - John S
Just remembered - another quick engine check. 8V has the spark plugs in full view at the front of the head, 16V they are hidden under the cover at the top of the engine. But as I say, at that age it's an 8V.
Some questions about a mid-90s Corsa - Waino
Many thanks for the replies, chaps.

After all your comments, I'm sure the engine is the single cam version.

I think we'll try Forever Black as the first effort on the bumpers. My neighbour had tried a Holts product (I believe a spray), but he said it had come off within a couple of weeks. I am intrigued by DD's heat gun - how do you use that? I've got a B&D electric paint stripper (like a super-charged hairdryer) but I would imagine that, if I waved that near the car, I'd risk stripping the red (OK, pinkish) paintwork! Actually, to be fair, most of the redness has been restored by going over it with red T-cut - a vast improvement

I'll try a rust encapsulator product on the bonnet - if I can delay it's progress for a couple of years, then we'll be happy.

I just watched a Haynes manual go for £13 (plus postage) on e-bay. It looks as though the manuals depreciate at a much lower rate than the cars! At that price, it's less hastle just to go down to Halford's and buy a new one. 'Manuals' on CD are advertised on e-bay for about £3 (plus P&P) - I think I'll try one of those.
Some questions about a mid-90s Corsa - Dynamic Dave
I am intrigued by DD's heat gun - how do you use that?

There was a previous mention of it from 'bell boy' on here, but I'm damned if I can find the post.

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