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Airbag light - Conditional Identity

Just wondering if anyone's got any advice regarding the airbag light on my Renault Megane.

The dash is saying my airbag needs a "Service" with a warning light. Unfortunately the local dealer wants to charge £80 just to diagnose (not fix). I think this is outrageous but I think I'm going to have to stump up as my local guy who services my wife's car won't touch it.

Any ideas what I could do? Someone suggested disconnecting the battery for a few minutes - will this muck other things up?

Also the steering whel bearing sounds like it needs attention - could the problems be related?

I'd be grateful for any advice.
Airbag light - Screwloose

The two things could well be related; but only a code-read will tell. Diagnosis is the main part of many repairs now.

The connexion cassette behind the steering wheel could have broken up and parted the wiring to the airbag.

Do not ever disconnect a battery on anything after about 2000; Pandora got off lightly....
Airbag light - Altea Ego
The two things could be related. When the wifes clio got an airbag warning light, a code read, followed by a new seat belt stalk switch fixed it -all in cost £50
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Airbag light - Conditional Identity
Thanks for the replies.

I don't think I'll touch the battery then.

I wish it would just cost £50 but if it's £80 to diagnose it's got to be over £100 plus the wheel bearing fix.

Can anyone recommend a decent Renault dealer in Sussex, as the last 3 years have led me to distrust my local one.


(Sorry for putting this in the wrong forum) {No worries - DD}
Airbag light - Screwloose

I've always found Baldocks at Wivelsfield Green very helpful and efficient.
Airbag light - AR-CoolC
I was only looking at a Megane yesterday where the airbag light was on. This was a shed a colleague had just picked up from an auction and wanted my opinion/suggestions as to why the light was on.

Looking in the car it became obvious as the passenger side seat belt buckle was lower than the drivers side, presumably the car had been bumped at some point and set off the passenger seatbelt pre-tensioner.

Worth a look at least.

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