51 Dualfuel Vectra cutting out on LPG - martinw
My 136k Dualfuel Vectra has started cutting out when running on gas, usually when going from overrun to drive (ie going onto roundabouts, accelerating after slowing for corners etc. Continues running after manually switching to petrol, but then will not switch back to gas. If I turn the ignition off, however, having switched to petrol, it will be perfectly happy to switch back to gas. Have recently replaced spark plugs (with Bosch "4 electrode" plugs) plus coil pack as prior to this latest problem, the "emissions" warning light was illuminating intermittently. Any suggestion? I assume some sort of sensor is at fault, but don't particularly trust a Vx dealer to diagnose accurately and economically (previously advised to replave all gas injectors at c £800 cost when a new set of plugs resolved the problem!).
51 Dualfuel Vectra cutting out on LPG - Chuckie888
Multi electrodes are not advised, NGK single electrode are recommended, preferably Iridium and with a .3 smaller gap. Make sure all your ignition system is tip top, other than that, could be a multi-tude of things for which you will need to get the interface and software as well as checking mechanical isssues such as inlet manifold air-leaks and valve clearance if it's not auto adjusting.

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