Speed Humps in Northampton - Niallster
I have recently moved to Northampton for work.

In general very happy with the place. Just about to buy a thatched cottage in the country, 10 minute commute blah blah BUT...


They are not just your normal roll over slowly jobs most of them are the size of tank traps.

I a current driving an R reg Toledo. Nice car nothing special but it is being torn to pieces. There is NO safe speed over some of these humps. The exhaust is hanging off the tyres are shot the tracking is way out and the suspension is collapsing.

My next car must be a 4X4 just to cope and nothing smaller than a Rav4 and the tree huggers can kiss my exhaust pipe.

Subject line tweaked to avoid confusion ! - PU
Speed Humps in Northampton - Hamsafar
Me too, I have to go over 16,000 per year just to go to work 7.5 miles away (Nottingham). Next time, it will be a large 4x4 such as a Discovery 3.
Speed Humps in Northampton - stunorthants26
My cars are fine, maybe you should actually slow down. They may be annoying but if they make you slow down, atleast they are working eh.
My Reliant 3-wheeler didnt even have any trouble and I lived in town centre when I had that.
Young generation, going so soft.

Only speedhump worth noting is one at the Port Road end of Main Road in Duston - its one of those pyramid shaped jobs and the sides are breaking away and will rip the inside sidewall of your tyres - they repaired most of them but left one.

Oh and the ones on the Racecourse - worth slowing for them not because they are that bad but because the cops sit halfway down and trap speeders - its a 20 zone.

Which ones you having trouble with anyway chap?
Speed Humps in Northampton - Dulwich Estate
I hereby nominate the London Borough of Lewisham as the speed hump capital of the world. Unless of course you know different.
Speed Humps in Northampton - Lud
Good grief!

Speed hump enthusiasts already.

Speed Humps in Northampton - Hamsafar
My cars are fine, maybe you should actually slow down. They may be annoying but if they make you slow down, atleast they are working eh. "

You don't even get chance to speed up there are so many.
What's more, they are in various states of ruin, with crumbling holes where your tyre lands and broken humps with sharp edges. Reporting them results in a yellow line being sprayed on the damage but only sometimes.
Speed Humps in Northampton - stunorthants26
Drive around Northampton long enough and speed humps are only half the challenge - take a look at some of the potholes! Terrible state of some of the roads is beyond belief.
Ashok - your not supposed to race between the humps hence they are close together.
Think like a town planner!
I dont support them because I think there are better ways to stop people speeding in town, but some of the humps are very effective nonetheless.
I know someone who has successfully got new tyres paid for as a result of damage from broken down speedhumps.

Actually, the biggest problem is not so much the humps themselves but the twit driving behind you who doesnt care if they ruin THEIR car and crawl all over your back bumper because you wanna take it easy on yours.
Speed Humps in Northampton - Manatee
Ashok s post sums up the principal objection to this scourge. Would you want to buy, or own, 3 year old car that has been over 48,000 speed humps? A lot of people have.

If I am forced to go over these abominations I do so very slowly. Unfortunately this doesn't improve safety with the local decapitated pyramid type. as one of the high speed straddlers who don't mind shredding the inside of his tyres usually overtakes me!

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