Current scrap values? - Waino
Just wondering if Backroomers have any ideas on the current scrap value of cars, what with the price of metals going up. Could we expect to get anything for the old Fiesta that we intend scrapping at the end of the month - or should we just be grateful that someone will get rid of it for us? I live in East Anglia, if that has any bearing on the matter.

Thanks, Waino.
Current scrap values? - flunky
Why's it being scrapped?

Put it on ebay, highlight the parts that could be salvaged (if it doesn't drive), and expect to get a few quid for it.
Current scrap values? - Simon
Yes your car is worth something if you weigh it in at a scrap metal merchants. Be aware though that if the car has a catalytic converter you should remove this prior to weighing the car in as the cat has a scrap value all of its own and if you weigh the cat in seperately you will probably get around £15 to £25 for the cat alone.

Also expect a deduction for however many tyres are on the car when you weigh it in. I don't know the current tariff but expect them to deduct around £2 per tyre that the car has.

Basically if you can strip the tyres and the cat off the car and then transport it to the scrap metal merchants yourself you will get the maximum value. If you have to drive it in as is then expect your value to be somehwhat less. If you have to get someone to take it away from you then you may get £10 or £20 from them but don't be surprised if they just take it away and give you nothing.
Current scrap values? - FotheringtonThomas
I got £50 for a Cavalier saloon a few months ago, from a real scrap merchant, the sort who reduce cars to small pieces of metal in an immense machine. A "breaker" would only go £35 for the car.
Current scrap values? - Man without a plan
Around where I live, in the local free rag, they claim to give £50 for any car no matter what condition....

This is backed up around my mum and dads in Chester where they got someone to collect a J-reg ford fiesta that had sat rotting for 1 year and they gave £50 for that!

Current scrap values? - local yokel
If it runs, try Ebay. I have a 94 Favorit - perfectly good, but MoT ran out, and looking at the advisories, potentially a few bills to get it through another MoT, and I don't even need it. £40 at my local scrappy, offered it for £75 in the local free-ads, and put it on Ebay. £114 final bid.

Mad if you ask me, as it's a min of £50 on the ticket, and if it fails, parts plus another £50 (or labour if he leaves it at the test station. At the end of all that it's surely worth no more than £200 with 12 months MoT?
Current scrap values? - normd2
up here in Bonny Scotland - if you take it to them £100 mininum, if they have to collect it £80 minimum; scrap certificate issued - no hassles, personal experience. If you doubt me bring it to me and I'll give you £50 for it.
Current scrap values? - none
Shop around. I recently scrapped an old Volvo and each dealer I spoke to said that it wasn't much use for spares. One dealer offered to take it off my hands for free - another offered £80 if I delivered it. No contest !
According to the buyer, scrap prices are good at the moment, but are expected to plummet any minute now. (bit of dealer spiel ?)
Current scrap values? - DavidWh

An update, scrap prices are now around £160.00 per tonne for a car, prior to being depoluted. A Corsa 0.8 tonnes an Astra 1 tonne a Vectra 1.2 tonnes. If you want an accurate price many web sites offer a free qoutation service, or if you just want to get rid, you could consider donating the cars value to charity, including a further 24% gift aid if you are a taxpayer, is owned by the charity Refined Giving, you can choose to give to any charity, but can be assured that the donation is carefully managed to aximise its value.

Current scrap values? - Delysher
Current scrap values? - Delysher

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Current scrap values? - mbobg

If you're in the south east try

I read the above posts this week as I looked to scrap my car and having called three scrapyards who all offered the same amount (£80) I was tipped to try scrapco. They offered £170 if I drove there or £150 to collect. My wife managed the car's handover and told me they were extremely polite, courteous and grateful for the business. They are family-run, too. I have no connection with them, I just feel they offered an exceptional service level for what is a fairly gritty business.

Current scrap values? - Jes

Again in the south-east try

Took a friends Escort there and got £225. Car must be newer that 1992

Current scrap values? - Olivia Burgess

Current scrap values are decided from the overall car condition and the metal rate as well. But i think blackroom may not help you that much but a scrap yard will definitely be helpful in this.

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