Respraying a plastic bumper - storme

what is the best way to respray a plastic bumper??

mine has bubbled up and has a patch of paint falling off.

ive started to rub it down but it just keeps flaking and getting bigger....

with metal it was always SO much easier!!

or i may just take it to be sprayed..

incidently its an FTO ive just bought to play around with and "tinker"
respraying a plastic bumper - Hamsafar
Well, it is usual to remove the peeling paint with high pressure water jet.
It will then need a special primer and paint with plasticisers added to make it flexible, otherwise it will start to blister off again after a few days or weeks.
respraying a plastic bumper - martint123
If it's bubbling off then it wasn't put on right. Your only real option is to take it right back to where it is good. As said you need a plastic primer/isolator to make it stick. If there is any sign at all of hairline cracks or crazing you have to rub it down to the plastic or they will show through again.
respraying a plastic bumper - Aprilia
Nice to see you bought an FTO, they are great cars.

If the paint is bubbling and flaking then its not the original. Its been repainted and done wrong. You really need to take ALL the old paint off and start again. Given the overall cost its probably better if you take the paint off and then take it a bodyshop to be professionally painted. They can fill any imperfections and use the correct primer and paint with plasticiser. If its not done right it will just come off again in a few months.
respraying a plastic bumper - storme

ps..yes i got an FTO,, dunno if u remember but i was looking for a Supra,3000GT or the end i got the FTO,not as quick as the aformentioned but i just love it,needs some work doing to it, but the price was right for the amount of work needed :)
sometimes a little bit too much opinion....but its only because i care !!!
respraying a plastic bumper - steveo3002
a good close up blast with a jet washer might strip it back to plastic easily...its worked for me before

then as above really...degrease-grey scotch pad-plastic primer then paint as normal, modern paints no longer need plasticiser unless its a really spongy bumper (remember mk3 xr3i's ?? that spongey)
respraying a plastic bumper - mfarrow
then as above really... modern paints no longer
need plasticiser unless its a really spongy bumper

I had to buy some paint for a Micra bumper a few months ago and mentioned the fact that it was for a bumper to the guy on the counter. He just shouted back the paint code to the chap making them up, so I guess bumper paint is nothing special as you say.

Job still looks good now. Just use the special primer.

Mike Farrow
respraying a plastic bumper - Aprilia
I'm not so sure. The FTO bumper is pretty flexible. Its not so much the basecoat you have to worry about, more the lacquer. I would consult a local paint factor first. Its a lot of work if it all comes off again!
respraying a plastic bumper - storme
what ive decided to do is....jetwash it off as said above..then let a REAL car sprayer finish the job!!! thx again for the tip

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