Honda Civic Aerodeck. Whats the knocking - Mightymac
I have a 1999 Honda Civic Aerodeck 1.5LS Estate. On pulling hard left (reversing or turning corners) I get a knocking which resonates through my steering wheel. I also seem to get a vibrating when braking from high speeds ( I initially thought this was just the ABS).
I recently had the car serviced and when they were doing the test drive the mechanic commented that he thought my drive shaft was in need of repair. I've since spoken to another mechanic and he says it might be a few things like a loose coil or the cv boot as opposed to the drive shaft.
I have had a tendency of paying through the nose in the past, and I want to ensure that I know what the issue is so I don't get fleeced. Does my description sound like the drive shaft or something else? If its the drive shaft, can anyone kindly give me a ball park price for part and fitting, again so I don't get fleeced.

Thanks for your help!

Honda Civic Aerodeck - Whats the knockin - DP
Sounds like an outer CV joint (driveshaft joint) is on its way out.

Bank on £50 for the part (quality aftermarket brand) and about an hour's labour (possibly two). I reckon somewhere between £120-£150 all in.

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Honda Civic Aerodeck - Whats the knockin - Lud
And Mightymac, the second mechanic who said it might be a CV boot or 'loose coil': Never ask his opinion about anything again, and spit in his eye next time you see him.
Honda Civic Aerodeck - Whats the knockin - mike hannon
Sounds like a drive joint. It will be worth checking the price of a genuine Honda replacement part - they are often no dearer that pattern bits and much better quality.
Honda Civic Aerodeck - Whats the knockin - Mightymac
Thanks for all your help. Feel a lot more confident now.
Honda Civic Aerodeck - Whats the knockin - Mightymac
Hope you don't me replying to this post so long after the last one. I have the Honda in for repair on Tuesday. Just inspecting it this afternoon with the old torch, there is a lot of oil or grease splattered on the back of my mud flap. Does this still sound like the drive shaft?
Honda Civic Aerodeck - Whats the knockin - milkyjoe
sounds like the boot has split and let go all the grease around the cv joint , and with all the rubbish weather recently it has ingressed the joint and caused premature failure

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