Value of '96 mondeo - wazza
Have a 1996 mondeo (mk1) 1.8TD LX hatchback with 125k on the clock. MOT is till June 2008 and road tax till end of Dec 2007. It has battles and scars from parking in supermarkets and young kids. It is in a presentable condition. Not a banger. How much do you reckon i should ask when i come to sell it over the next few weeks?

Just had new front disc/pads for the mot. Engine runs fine. Starts first time. Over the last two years it has had a new exhaust and alternator. Basically to me it is a good runner and should last at least a year without any problems.
Value of '96 mondeo - Sprice
With newish MOT and fairly long RFL, new brakes etc probably someone would give you £750?
Value of '96 mondeo - DP
I agree. The late mk2 TD's are still fetching £1500+ so I would have thought £750 would be about right.

At 125k, it's not even run in. I've seen these for sale with 250,000 miles on them.

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Value of '96 mondeo - flunky
I would think £500? Any more is huge for an 11-year-old Ford.
Value of '96 mondeo - pendulum
I think you will be lucky to get £500 for it personally, there are loads of Mondeos around, on Autotrader £750 was well in to mk2 (facelift) version territory, no way can I ever see someone paying £750 for an old Mondeo.

£350 - £450
Value of '96 mondeo - flunky
parkers says £580 with 90,000 miles.

Ebay might be a good place to sell, beware of the crooks and timewasters that are in the majority.
Value of '96 mondeo - wazza
Thanks for the replies. I had £400-500 in my mind. When i went to a garage to ask if they will take it in as part exchange they said no. they valued it around £100 but will cost them to put it through auctions. When i get my new car i will post it at £600 ono and see what that does
Value of '96 mondeo - cheddar
Three years or so ago late father-in-law sold a 95 TD GLX with around 80k for about £1800 IIRC.
Value of '96 mondeo - pd
FWIW it's worth on a car of this age, CAP reckon:

Clean: 320
Average: 220
Below: 130
Forecourt Retail: 795
Value of '96 mondeo - local yokel
Get a new MoT on it and then stick it on Ebay with a £495 reserve. You'll get more than you expect. Write it up sensibly and take all round pics on a bright day in a decent setting. Twelve free pics on Ebay, so use them.
Value of '96 mondeo - local yokel
Sorry - I now see it has 11 months MoT already.
Value of '96 mondeo - Martin1981
These old Mondeos are pretty tough old beasts, so this one should have a fair bit of life left in it yet- especially as it's the TD as the engine is probably on average about 1/2 way through its life Assuming all is well then there's no reason why it shouldn't fetch £500-600.

Value of '96 mondeo - Robin Reliant

Good to hear, Martin. Mine is the same age and milage as the OP's, apart from being a saloon rather than a hatch.
Value of '96 mondeo - flunky
Good to hear Martin. Mine is the same age and milage as the OP's apart
from being a saloon rather than a hatch.

So £50 less for yours then.
Value of '96 mondeo - zm
Value of '96 mondeo - Imagos
I'm no expert on prices but i would just like to say that a friends 99T Mondeo LX diesel is still going strong on 227000.

A bit baggy yes, but feels like its got many years left in it, so durability is built in on these Mondeos. 125K is barely run in.

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