Some new models seen today - daveyjp
Just spent a very enjoyable day at the Great Yorkshire Show, despite tales of some visitors taking 4 hours to get there from 30 miles away our 20 mile trip took about 10 minutes longer than usual.

A motorshow forms part of the show and it was a chance to see some newly released models.

smart - so new the demo on display was German. Much more grown up with a less 'funky' interior. Car is slightly longer, but more noticeable is the increase in width. Dash totally redesigned.

Fiat Bravo - looks like a slightly larger Grande Punto.

Daihatsu Materia - If you like the Nissan Cube this is for you with no grey import problems - I think it's hideous!

For Christmas I'd like a commercial mulcher to attach to a John Deere and 10,000 acres of forest to go at. The demo of this thing showed it taking 6 10 foot length telegraph pole diameter trunks at a time and turning them to pulp in seconds!! All I could think about was why James Bond has never been dangled over one by his arch enemy!!!
Some new models seen today - Brian Tryzers
The new Bravo looks fantastic in the right colour. The Fiat dealer round the corner from me has one in metallic red, which suits the shape perfectly. It has sparkly red-on-black upholstery too, and red stitching on the gear lever and steering wheel. The larger of the junior Beests was forthright in his approval when we paused there on the way back from school the other day.
There's another Bravo there in Dithery Silver, though, which just looks dull.

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