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Ford Galaxy TDI - ABS Sensors/Codes - dave2
MY ABS warning light on my Ford Galaxy TDI 1999 stays on. I had a diagnostic check which indicated a sensor was faulty. The faulty sensor had a open circuit and wasnt showing any resistance although was giving a voltage .

A Ford garage has told me that if I replace the sensor the light will reset on its own. This is not the case, after fitting a new unit the light is still on. Both front sensors now show a resistance and a voltage when the wheel is turned by hand.

Does this now mean that I'll have to let Fords get their hands on it to reset the codes and charge the earth.!!!!

Can anyone please help



{Car details added to subject header to catch the eye of possible Ford experts who might just happen to be looking in - DD}

Ford Galaxy TDI - ABS Sensors/Codes - elekie&a/c doctor
Have you driven the car after fitting the new sensor?,sometimes this can reset the system.If not, then a good independent specialist should be able to help.
Ford Galaxy TDI - ABS Sensors/Codes - dave2
No I,ve not driven it yet but had the front wheels revolving at 10-15 mps on stands.
I'll give it a go tomorrow hopefully itll reset.

Ford Galaxy TDI - ABS Sensors/Codes - topbloke
running the front wheels at ten to fifteen mph with the rears stationery will put the light on, ecu thinks you are driving it at x speed and nothing registered from rear wheels ie problem ie put light on, however giving it a run (all wheels rotating) should clear the light but the codes will still be resident in the ecu memory
Ford Galaxy TDI - ABS Sensors/Codes - MerlinTec
I would just like to add I don?t know how you have tested the sensors but on newer cars you shouldn?t be testing resistance with a ohm meter / multi meter. Only the older inductive type sensors should you check with these meters and should get about 1.000 ohms. New sensor are digital and run on 5 volts if you are doing resistance checks with a multi meter you are putting 9 volts (9 volt battery in the meter) down a 5 volt sensor not a good idea you may start of with one sensor fault and end up needing 4.
Ford Galaxy TDI - ABS Sensors/Codes - dave2
Thanks for everyones advice.
After driving the car for approx 200 yards the warning light went out.
Merlin Tech - The system is from a 1999 Galaxy so hopefully the voltage surge shouldnt be a problem.

Thanks again


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