Vauxhall cd player error - Haystack
I have a vdo cdr 500 in a Zafira, which plays some cds perfectly and some it cannot read at all and shows error on the screen. This is not intermittent, the non reading disks never play, whilst the working ones always play. these are all bought pre recorded, and are in good condition. The player will not even play a cleaning disc. You can hear an unusual humming sound just before the word ERROR comes up. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Vauxhall cd player error - John S
Vx CD players are normally very good at reading all sorts of disc, including CD RW so I'd first try a laser cleaning disc in the unit. If that doesn't work it probably needs more intrusive attention.

Vauxhall cd player error - krebb industries
Nailed it when you said "pre-recorded". Check the label on the CD - many newer ones of mine have some copy protect "codes" on them, which also make them unplayable in the car. I had a Vauxhall Astra with CD and now meriva with the 2004 CD on which some discs with this "feature" will not play at all.

Strangely, the copy protect doesn't stop me copying to CD-R to then play in the car !!!!
Vauxhall cd player error - Haystack
Thanks for the tip!!
This seems completely daft, but the symptoms fit perfectly. I will have a cd copying session and see what happens.

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