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AA driving school franchise has any one - injection doc
Dear friends
Has anyone 1st hand experience of the driving school franchise I can see its not a get rich scheme & the franchise looks a little expensive but do you gain from the benifits, I asume it would be difficult to achieve 40 hrs a week allowing for down time inbetween lessons & travelling without putting in 50-60 but do you get the pupils put forward? I would appreciate comments from those who have actually done it or indeed found it a huge sucess.
I have calculated it would probably work well in conjunction with another part time job?
Regards Doc
AA driving school franchise has any one - AlastairW
As some on here may know the accountancy firm I work for specialize in the affairs of driving instructors so I have seen all of the franchises operating in this market. I think you are correct that you will not get rich quick (or even at all), as you have correctly spotted that the franchise fee is quite hefty. There are, as you say, pros and cons;
They supply pupils, deal with payments, supply a car (Focus?), provide 'backroom' support, replacement car available if yours gets damaged or is in for servicing.
The fees, limited opportunities to generate your own reputation, you may not be able to pick and choose your pupils. You still have to pay for petrol.
You are also correct to sday it will be hard to be teaching for 40 hours per week as you have to allow for travel between pupils, though this can be reduced depending on how urban the are you teach in is and the lenght of each lesson ie: there is less travel if each lesson lasts two hours.
If you need more info please feel free to mail me (address in my profile)
AA driving school franchise has any one - Robin Reliant
The only way to earn a decent living as a driving instructor is to operate on your own. When I moved to Wales six years ago after 16 years as an ADI in London I took out an AA franchise as I was unknown here and it would take some time to become established and build up a diary. I joined on an introductory offer of £10 a week franchise for six weeks rising to £178 after that period, and the charge out rate was £17 per hour.

They did not provide me with a single pupil in that time, all the work I got was what I sourced myself and at the end of the trial period I handed the car back and bought my own. Driving schools turn over instructors at an alarming rate, any one who lasts in the game will invariably be working solo or in a partnership. Bear in mind also that when work is slack, christmas for instance, you will still have to fork out the full franchise fee to the school.

Assuming that todays franchise is around the £200 per week mark (plus as Alistair says whatever you pay for fuel - £50 ish), you could easily buy, run, and insure a car with that and still have most of it left in your pocket.

One other tip. Don't regard a tuition car as a perk, it is your "plant". A cheap base model will do the job perfectly and increase your profit margin. The job is about making money after all.
AA driving school franchise has any one - injection doc
I would like the valuble contribution that Robin & alistiar posted, thank you both
aa driving school franchise has any one - Experienced Driving Instructor

The biggest hurdle is clearly becoming an aDI (approved driving instructor) which takes three exams and probably about 12-18 months preparation. Once qualified, you're realistically looking at a salary of around £20-25k per year after deducting expenses such as fuel and franchise payments. Most driving instructors opt to join a large driving school franchise, the likes of aa, BSM or RED initially. Later, as they gain in confidence, driving instructors tend to either go independent and do their own marketing, or join smaller driving school franchises which usually provide better value for money. I'm with Drivecoach Driving School, a medium sized, driving instructor franchises and I'm really happy with the pupils and support they have provided me with.

AA driving school franchise has any one - Roly93
Most franchises can be tarred with a similar brush, ie you are buying into an established brand, but at a usually large cost. Depending on the franchise, your operating costs are somewhat fixed and usually at the mercy of the franchiser.
The general plus points of franchises are you have bought into a 'flat-pack' ready made business, which should be less prone to failure. However the downsides are usually that you are forced to endure significant running costs which you cannot control, and that this can mean a hard limit to the actual income you can realise - ie a financial glass ceiling.
AA driving school franchise has any one - oldpostie
The only thing I know of this is that a friend took redundancy from Royal Mail a year ago, spent a lot of his redundancy package on training as a driving instructor, and is now employed as a school caretaker. I know he spent a lot of money on it.
AA driving school franchise has any one - bell boy
why would he need to train as a driving instructer to be a school caretaker?
is it a new type of qualification then thats needed?
AA driving school franchise has any one - leef
why would he need to train as a driving instructer to be a school caretaker?
is it a new type of qualification then thats needed?

sarcasm the lowest form of wit.......
AA driving school franchise has any one - MikeTorque
injection doc, why not have a chat with 1 or 2 of the driving schools to get a flavour of the type of support they offer both whilst you are training to qualify and what help they provide after you quality. Also it's worth getting up to speed on being self employed unless you're already familar with that side of things.

Having read your postings on this forum you sound like the type of person who has the right kind of attitude regarding mechanical sympathy and driving technique/style and someone who may potentially make a good ADI and contribute to improving driving standards on the UK roads.
AA driving school franchise has any one - injection doc
Thank you mike for your comments , thats something I will do,I ran my own business for 20+ years employing over 10 staff so familiar with the pitfalls. Having driven coaches & artics in the past & my relaxed nature I do feel I could make a contribution with my driving experience & would enjoy doing so. so once again thank you for the mature comments
aa driving school franchise has any one - slowdown avenue

red driving school is adminastration.

bsm always getting sold on.

yesterdays telegragh showed instructors increasing by18,000in last 8 years

if you dont need a proper job with regular wages and safe guards, and you you really fancy it. then do it

aa driving school franchise has any one - Devolution

I second that. Before the business, the logistics and the money decide whether or not the actual job is something you can genuinely do, and would enjoy doing. If so then you have the better foundations for success - work comes by word of mouth, and people hang on to a good instructor like a good tradesman/woman.

as an aside (and not directed at the OP) I feel the industry has been watered down, not helped by adverts everywhere you look claiming "become a driving instructor" "30k plus a year" "choose your hours..." This has lead to lots of people thinking "yeah I can drive" and "ooh loads a money," and results in a flood of people thinking they can just sit in a passenger seat and earn easy money.

Choosing your hours is rubbish. Ok you can choose when to work, ultimately, but most of the client base is going to be wanting lessons in daylight, so you're still on a 9-5 and later still working day. and to make it a full time living you will pretty much be needing to work many hours, but keeping pricing at a level that's both competitive and earning you a living. 30k is possible, but when you reach a self employed level, then take off insurances, maintenance (clutch changes!), fuel, expenses, advertising to start with, it soon drops...


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