Ford Ka heater valve...? - normy
The good lady reports that on her 03 Ka, the heater emits heat when the control is in the cold position, but not all the time. I think I read somewhere that the heater valve does fail on Ka's, I wonder if someone might be able to put me in the picture on this? Where is the heater valve and is it much of a job to replace? Thanks.
Ka heater valve...? - elekie&a/c doctor
sounds very much like valve has failed.(same problem as fiesta models).It is situated in the air intake plenum next to wiper linkage (centre of car) and has a 2-pin connector .Access to it is fairly awkward due to underbonnet space and requires removal of the plastic air intake grille nearside and the plastic seperator panel at rear of engine bay attached to which are various wiring and connector clips that need to be moved.Valve is around £35.hth
Ka heater valve...? - bell boy

be careful with the grilles and watch the windscreen
its a spanner 1 job so dead easy
disgraceful that a ka on this year should need a new valve,is anti freeze up to spec?
Ka heater valve...? - topbloke
thats unusual, they normaly fail shut, they need feed to open i would check to see if the switch is working before condeming the valve, that said common enough problem on ka/fester
Ka heater valve...? - DP
They're a pain in the hole! Even when they function perfectly, you have to wait 10 seconds between selecting a temperature on the dial and then getting that temperature out of the vents. And they fail. A lot. A thoroughly carp piece of design.

Get a pattern one off Fleabay and fit as bell boy suggests. The Ford ones don't last any longer and cost more. My cheap pattern one on my Fester is still going strong after a year and was half the price Ford wanted.

Ka heater valve...? - normy
Thanks everyone for your responses, fitted new (Ford(!)) valve today, working OK up till now!
Ka heater valve...? - DP
Glad you got it sorted.

Nothing wrong with the Ford valves, you just pay a little more as always with original vs pattern bits.

It's working, that's the main thing. Nice one!

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