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L200 Alternator pulley moving ? - hm
Hi all,

Well I have been giving my new 51 plate 4life a service..I had noticed a slight intermittent 'noise' from the front end..sounded a little like a bearing....

any way, whilst removing all the belts I discovered the A/c idler pulley bearing was shot..no worries there, but more concerning is that when I put everything back together and started her up there was something not right with the alternator pulley......

basically I noticed that the alternator pulley on the crankshaft pulley was moving slightly...very strange, on further inspection it seems the outer alternator pulley is not connected to the main crank pulley...I can actually move it forwards and backwards with a screw driver.....

please let me say that the 'crank pulley' it self is very secure to the crank...

the pulley made up of 4 'groves' .......going from the Rad end:

1 = A/c Belt Grove
2 = Power Steering Belt Grove
3 & 4 = Alternator belts Grove

3&4 are moving on the main pulley........I'm guessing the pulley is not made from one solid machined piece and the alternator pulleys are pressed or friction welded to the others...this seems to have come a drift....

the pulley can be seen here...the rear two groves are the alternator ones that can move?


Has anyone experienced this? does anyone know what this pulley is fitted to the crank pulley (interferance fit? friction weld?)

Any Help Appreicated.....also, changing th water pump....huge task or no big deal?

L200 Alternator pulley moving ? - 659FBE
I'm not familiar with your vehicle, but many alternator pulleys have a one way drive built into them. This is to prevent torsional oscillations from the crank, magnified by the high drive ratio, being transferred to the alternator.

These are notoriously unreliable and fall apart after a while. Catch it before it disintegrates and causes consequential damage.

L200 Alternator pulley moving ? - Aprilia
I'm sure I've heard of this before on a Mitsubishi. I think the pulley is 'multipart' and there is a bonded rubber isolator between the inner and the outer. I think you will need to buy a new pulley.
L200 Alternator pulley moving ? - hm
Aprilia, you hit the nail on the head....upon inspection the pulley is in two parts, bonded with rubber..mine has completely come adrift...I have it all stripped down now and can see...just struggling to remove the remainder of the pulley off the crankshaft......it is VERY tight...
Finally........my hyd puller was too big to fit during the main stroke cycle.......so after lots of head scratching and the decision that the A/c rad could not really be taken out I slacken the engine mounts and pushed the engine back about 1.5"...that gave my about 4 turns on my puller, I then spent that last hour bent over in the rain slow getting her off.....some pink flufffy dice had locited the the pulley to the crank.......

anyway, the good news is the key way is fine........I going to surf the web a little tomorrow for a full cam belt kit, new pulley etc, etc..I know that Milners do them but I have been screwed about by them in the past when I was doing some work on Fourtraks......

Right, bottle of Rioja now open.....

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