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MGF Question & Proton Coupe Question - Jonwm {P}
Hi Guys

Sorry for being greedy but didn't want ot waste the posts!

1st question, i was round my olds today and my moms MG TF when started made a clicking noise then all the exhaust gas came out the left side exhaust, it seems there is a block on the right one which is controlled from somewhere, she said in the winter the "smoke" only comes out the right one, is this a potential fault or something simple??

2nd question, I'm trying to fox all the things wrong on my money pit proton coupe, i'm trying to locate the horn, it doesnt work and i have checked the fuse and all looks ok, was going to see i the wire had come off or something, and guide on where it is or what might be the fault are appreciated.

Thanks again

MGF Question & Proton Coupe Question - Civic8
whereabouts is the clicking coming from ie top of engine or lower down,some of the suffer from piston slap untill engine warm so possibly its that.

As for smoke,its steam which is probably just water in the exhaust evaporating,but keep an eye on coolant level in case its something more.

Horn,check the earth through the actual switch it may be that its not getting a good earth

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