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Hi Folks,

I am on here really for some moral support if you do not mind!?

To cut a long story short I came across a lovely car (low miles, etc) in a car trader magazine, went to test drive, and fell for it big time. I went through all the paperwork, in his house and noted the FSH, spare keys and MOT certs, which were all in place - apart, that is - from the v5c registration document. The dealer has the green slip marked cherished number plate and explained the full story about the change of plates with the old owner.

This dealer acquired the car from a main dealer, as a trade in, and has been taxed with the new number plate etc, but with the V5 most likely sitting on the doorstep of the old owners house, whom I have been informed, has now moved. I completed extensive checks on the car, even phoned the main dealer and the DVLA, and the car appears to be given the all clear.

This is the problem, however. The dealer wants rid of the car for obvious reasons and I do not want to lose it, but I am reluctant to purchase the car without him first aquiring the V5 and signing it off to me. This could take up to 6 weeks. Any thoughts, my gut tells me to sit it out and let him do the leg work...or worse I end up on the losing side once taking the car off his hands? He has a deposit of £150, and I have a receipt of intended sale?

Much thanks,

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My immediate reaction is "Just walk away, Renee".

Trade "sales/purchases" don't usually require the re-issue of the log book/V5.

It's been some years since I purchased a car that had been on "cherished plate" but that was dealt with instantly at the local licensing office.

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dont understand your problem
car is everything you want
you trust the trader
the cars taxed
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The V5 bearing the car's original registration would have gone to the now previous keeper, this is common and can cause confusion to all.
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This happens time and time with cherished transfers and is not a big issue. If the green slip is stamped in the last 6 weeks you could even tax it at a local DVLA office using it.

As long as you are satisfied the car has "clear title" it really is not an issue. Just apply for a new V5 in your name and you'll have one in about 4 weeks direct from the DVLA.
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Surely the best solution is to HPi both registrations. If they are clear, then buy it.
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There is much confusion indeed, and the problem is very much that I do not understand what the implications of not having the v5 is to me, the buyer. Moreover, what happens if the old owner raises an issue with the sale of the car when he/she is contacted by the DVLA. Remember, as much as I 'trust' the dealer, I meet with him for 30 mins and for all my phone calls I have only their word to go on, the DVLA's advice that this is not uncommon, but not advisable, and other people saying
completely contrasting things ie - go for it or just walk away!!!!

The only way around it seems to be hold tight until the v5 arrives?
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Have you tried contacting the previous owner (I realise you say they've moved) ?
Used car: No V5c Registration - clachnacudden
I have no way of knowing who he or she is? I suppose I could ask the main dealer, but that may be problematic, and anyway, saying something on the phone is not legally binding if he/she does raise an issue in the future, no?

Thanks for the thought, though
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I don't remember the whole story now but many years ago my brother bought a 911 from a trader. All seemed very respectable and a plausible reason for no log book.

As you will have guessed a month or so later the boys in blue turned up on his doorstep. When my brother had tried to obtain new paperwork the Dvlc then contacted previous owner. The story went, he then looked in his garage and lo and behold his beloved car had been nicked. My brother lost the car and it turned very nasty getting his money back.
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I sorted out a similar case(but a motor bike)by going to the local DVLA office and filling out a form-needed frame number/eng number etc.-got a tax disc the following day and the reg. doc about a week later.
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Remember that all a V5 is the registered keeper - it means nothing about who owns the car. If the car is HPI clear and the stamped DVLA slip reasonably recent I really wouldn't worry about it.

Your proof of ownership is the invoice for the car (and likewise the dealer's proof of ownership is the invoice they paid). It is NOT the V5.

Personally, if the dealer and car seem legit I'd buy the car and just apply for a new V5. You'll have one in about 4 weeks. The reason the dealer did not apply for one themselves is that by doing so they'd add another owner onto the logbook (i.e. themselves) so prefers to register it directly into who ever they sell it to's name.

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