Peugeot HDi Timing Belt Interval - Robin the Technician
I've got a 2002 peugeot HDi estate with 50k on the clock. Anyone tell me when I need to get the cambelt changed. Looking at it it looks like a major job to do. Is this the case??
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Peugeot HDi Timing Belt Interval - RichardW
HDi is usually 100k / 10 years. Design is very robust, so unless you think it's going to see 200k, wouldn't worry about the tensioner - worth doing the water pump though. Book time looks like 4.5hours, so yes, I guess it's a swine. Probably much the same as the XUD, but no spring tensioner,and a vernier pulley on the cam.

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Peugeot HDi Timing Belt Interval - Quinny
I got told 80k for these engines,so I had mine done at 74k,and had the water pump changed as well.

Peugeot HDi Timing Belt Interval - FP
I believe 90,000 - 100,000 miles is the "recommended" life of these belts. My trusted indie says he has changed them at this mileage and they still look pretty good. However, as my 306 approached 75,000 we had a discussion and he admitted that, for peace of mind, maybe this was a good compromise point for the belt to be changed. The thing was, the water pump was just starting to leak, so it was definitely a good moment. The car is just a wee bit quieter with the new belt (slight modification to the tooth design?), though belt noise was never an issue.

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