Vauxhall Astra juddering - dymo
Having recently bought a 56 Astra 1.6 SXI I was wondering what the juddering was when setting off and crawling uphill in low gear. My previous 2001 1.8 SXI never gave me any problems and I always enjoyed driving it so I didn't do too much reviewing of the new model, assuming it could only be even better. My wife bought a new model Astra auto last year and is very pleased with it.
This juddering is not just an annoying niggle - it can be a real problem pulling out into traffic when all your concentration is diverted to a possible stall. Unfortunately it's intermittent, mostly but not always worse when starting from cold. Also seems to be an alarming loss of power when pulling away uphill in 3rd gear when you expect at least a bit of whoomph to overtake the trucks.

Neither the dealer I bought it off nor the local Network Q can find a fault (just my luck it wont make a murmur for these people) but I've been driving for a long time and know when things are not right. I only realised the size of the problem when I Googled 'Astra juddering' and saw the number of complaints. Hence this entry to add my voice. If I'd seen this before I would have thought twice about buying this car.

I have raised a case on the Vauxhall website and await a response.
Vauxhall Astra juddering - piston power
i own the same car & it as done it to me when new ie 7-8 months ago but not now all is fine so i hope, there was a problem with vauxhalls clutch's why not try another dealer for advice after all thats what a warranty is for. good luck.
Vauxhall Astra juddering - Dynamic Dave
Slight confusion here. Is that both your wife and you have separate Astras - her's an auto, yours a manual?

If so, then there has been a problem with the clutch linings on the Astras (see the "car by car breakdown" link on the left of the page). From what I've read in another forum, Vauxhall are *due* to release a replacement lining and will change the clutches of affected cars following complaints from customers. Suggest you start complaining to your dealer.
Vauxhall Astra juddering - Dynamic Dave

You're not alone, btw,

Vauxhall Astra juddering - dymo
Yes we have seperate cars. Hers is a 1.8 Club automatic which I have drive as well occasionally and have no problems with it. This is one of the reasons I stayed with Astras. I always enjoyed driving my old 2001 model 1.8 SXI manual. My latest car with the problem is a 1.6 SXI manual.
Vauxhall Astra juddering - Galad
Just wondering if this problem could also affect the new Corsa. SWMBO is about to splash out £10k of hard-earned on a new Corsa and it occured to me that previous Astras and Corsas shared similar parts etc. Anyway, I endured clutch judder on my 1996 1.6 Astra for 8 years until eventually the clutch gave out and was replaced. Other than that, mechanically the car has been good for 150k miles.
Vauxhall Astra juddering - Dynamic Dave
Just wondering if this problem could also affect the new Corsa.

Well, I've heard reports of Zarifa's suffering from the same clutch judder that's currently plaguing some of the Astra's. Vauxhall tend to use the same engines throughout the whole range, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was affecting other cars as well.
Vauxhall Astra juddering - ka razy
Hi well, as DD correctly said you are not alone.Not an astra owner but own an 04 corsa sxi which had the same problem,as I reported in earlier posts.

After months of wrangling with my dealer,who couldn't find a fault,I gave up with them and wrote to vauxhall.

This may not apply to your astra,but the letter I got back contained the following"To overcome the problem vehicles with F13 tranmission and Z10XE and Z12XE engine have an increased clutch size (190mm to 200mm)"

I was advised to return to the dealer,showed them the letter.and hey presto,the clutch was changed within a week!

My advice to you is, if its still under warranty keep at them,they know a problem exists!


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